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The Hidden Barriers to Weight Loss

Today’s weight loss programs are designed for the masses. Diet plans, diet books and diet pills are a “one size fits all” approach to weight loss. The problem with this is that no two people have the same physical body and body chemistry.

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Video: Living A Primal Lifestyle

Video interview with Dr. Minkoff on

Here is an discussion on Living A Primal Lifestyle tv show between Dr. Minkoff and show hosts Nico and Paige. Lots of very valuable information!

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Video: ADD/ADHD Autism

Dr. Springer talks about how in recent years, there has been a staggering increase in the number of children who are labeled as autistic or having ADD/ADHD.

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A Cocktail Party for your Body

Are you taking a supplement? How do you know it’s what your body needs? In winter months, do you easily catch colds and ‘flu? Would you like an effective immune booster? Are you feeling sluggish or run down? Would you like to feel re-energized? If you answered...

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It’s Easier To Handle Your Diabetes Than You Think

Diagnostic methods have progressed since then, but trying to effectively respond to the underlying cause of diabetes is still a long way off for many. If you are an American diabetic, you will probably have been told that you can consume sugary and sugar-producing foods multiple times daily as long as ...

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ADD/ADHD and Autism: A Modern Epidemic

By Dr. George Springer of LifeWorks Wellness Center
In the past decade there has been a staggering increase in childhood autism and ADD/ADHD. It is now estimated that 1 in 88 children have autism spectrum disorders and that 3%-7% of school children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention ...

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Good Vibrations: Understanding the XDC’s of Homeopathy

By Dr. George Springer
Although discovery of the art of homeopathy is generally credited to Hippocrates, in 1899 a pharmacist named Knufman claimed that the first application of homeopathy actually occurred in the case of the Greek king, Telephos. In Greek mythology, Telephos was hurt during the Trojan war by the spear of Achilles. Supposedly, he was only cured after Apollo advised to treat the wound with some rust from Achilles’ spear. Probably not very sound clinical practice, but this example does reflect the principle of treating “like with like”, the basis of homeopathy which indeed does date back to Hippocrates.

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