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Dr. Minkoff As My Doctor*

Dr minkoff suggested the lipoic acid iv’s which gave me back my life

Dear Dr. Minkoff, 1/28/13

I wanted to let you know what has happened since I started on the Lipoic Acid IV’s. As you know, I have had a life-long history of body aches, pains, and severe food allergies, plus a pretty aggressive auto immune condition that has made the last 10 years or so very difficult. When I come in for treatment at LifeWorks, one area that always is a problem area is adrenals, since they are trying to help my stressed out immune system while contending with the progression of normal aging, meaning menopausal drop in hormones. There have been a lot of improvements in other areas, but the adrenals normally test weak even when I have overcome a virus, flu, handled inflammation, etc. Last fall, I hit a rough spot as I was on some antiviral medications that triggered kidney stones and an infection. You suggested the Lipoic Acid IV’s. I did not know much about why this would help, but started on them and read the references that you had about them. I also asked you about starting on the oral Alpha Lipoic Acid. You thought that would be good to do so I added that to my daily supplements.

What is interesting is that over the December month, even with the usual end of year raised work demand, the IV’s and oral lipoic acid really seemed to be healing the liver and other organs as the medical protocol suggested it would. There was one day at work in December I was so tired that I thought I would have to put my head down on my desk, or maybe go home for the day. But, then I thought maybe I should do an IV that day and after doing so, felt very good, no exhaustion, but also no nervous high strung energy that comes from other adrenal “support”. That was so remarkable. I really felt good.

I have done about 9 of the IV’s now and also continue the high dosage of the Lipoic Acid. About 2 weeks ago, on a day when I had not had very good sleep the night before, they tested me to check the progress of the kidney infection. He was completely surprised as I was that my adrenals tested strong. We both actually could not remember the last time they tested strong – I think it has been a good 3-4 years. I also have noticed in the last 2 weeks a distinct feeling that the body is changing on an organ/cellular level as was suggested in the write up you had me read. This is kind of hard to explain, but there was a point 7 years ago when the autoimmune condition I have was progressing so rapidly that it felt like nothing in the body worked right, meaning the digestive system, liver, lungs, heart – all related to this destructive autoimmune illness. It felt like the body on a cellular level was out of control. After 7 weeks using this Lipoic Acid protocol, it actually feels like the body at the level of the cells in each organ is calming down and progressing in a healing manner which is really quite remarkable.

Thanks for telling me to try these IV’s and also encouraging me to do the additional supplements as it seems to be changing the direction of my health really markedly, – KD

When I came to LifeWorks I thought my life was finished. I had turned 51, gained 40 lbs, depressed and in an antidepressant fog. I figured if the next 50 years were going to be like this, why bother. Dr. Minkoff diagnosed the problem as hormonal, which was later on confirmed by tests. I am on HRT now and growth hormone. (HGH) I have never felt better in my life. I’m back at the gym, have lost close to 30lbs, and no longer depressed. Dr. Minkoff also recommended 90 days of weekly colonics. This also made a huge difference. My deepest thanks to Dr. Minkoff. Your professionalism and attention to custom needs is outstanding. Thanks to all of you-now I’m looking forward to another 50 or maybe 100 more years. – N.K.

I had been ill for nearly ten years prior to seeing Dr. Minkoff and his staff. I’ve been coming for various treatments for almost 1 and 1/2 years and the improvement has been incredible. I previously was nearly bedridden (one month I was in bed 28 out of 30 days). My pain has decreased by at least 75-80% and my energy is slowly but surely returning. So many other physical aspects have improved that I could never fit them on this paper. Thank you so very much for not giving up on me! – T.D.

Dr. Minkoff, and both his technical and administrative staff have done wonders with me and for my life. I arrived in Clearwater-specifically to see Dr. Minkoff-in July and was beyond hopeless and was not doing well physically. Nothing can describe the relief and gratitude I feel towards everyone here. I’ve been physically ill for almost twenty years and I’m only 32, so basically my whole life. And with all I have done in my life, despite this, it’s been a fraction of what I really could be doing. Coming here has re-opened or opened fully for the first time, my life for real. Due to the nature of what I have I was stressed out constantly and hopeless about my future and about myself. I thought I’d never be able to do the things I love and I’d be stuck filing papers is some back room somewhere! But Dr. Minkoff and the LifeWorks staff all did such a fabulous job that I’m now working two jobs that are both quite physical and I am able to return to my artistic pursuits and other dreams and goals. Dr. Minkoff and his staff’s value to me (and others) are unlimited and no qualifying statement can be put upon what they do here. I sleep better at night knowing there are sane and friendly and incredibly intelligent people to go to for help. When I arrived I told Dr. Minkoff I expected the world of him and for him to perform miracles. I thought this was a tall order, but apparently he can do this on a daily basis. Dr. Minkoff and everyone here are some of the nicest, most professional people I have met and I think you guys are spectacular! – M.A.