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Dr. Springer Saved My Life

“My life is completely different one year after beginning my treatment with Dr. Springer. I was born without an esophagus and had some spinal abnormalities. As a result, I have had many surgeries to correct my spine and fix my esophagus. As far back as I can remember, I have always had food allergies and could not eat the things I wanted. I would get terribly sick after eating something I was allergic to and most of the time I didn’t know what caused the allergic reaction.

As a teenager, I developed severe asthma and more food allergies. As an adult, I began having terrible acid reflux and even panic attacks. I would have night-time acid reflux and aspirate into my lungs. Then I would wake up, could not breath and subsequently developed pneumonia. I would go to the hospital at least once a year with pneumonia.

HappyI came to LifeWorks about a year ago and I was a complete mess. I had just come out of the hospital after being treated for pneumonia. I was on a whole slew of drugs for asthma, allergies, acid reflux and anxiety attacks. I could not live without my prescription drugs. I knew that “conventional” doctors were not helping me to get better and I only seemed to get worse. I was referred to Dr. Springer by a friend of mine and my first visit with him was completely different from any other doctor I had seen. He truly listened to all my medical issues and explained to me how out of balance my digestive system was and how it was affecting all my other organs. He seemed to have a better understanding of how interconnected our organs are than any other doctor or specialist I had seen. The best thing about that first visit with Dr. Springer was that he gave me HOPE that I would get better.

Dr. Springer worked to identify the imbalances that I had in my body in a way that was totally new and different from anything I had seen before. I had never had any prior exposure to energy medicine or Applied Kinesiology but was totally fascinated. I started on the supplements that he recommended and also started allergy elimination treatments. Within weeks, I was already feeling improved. My allergic reactions were becoming less and less. After 3 months, I started weaning off my prescription drugs and had so much energy and stamina. Within 6 months I could not remember the last time I had an asthma attack and my food allergies were almost eliminated. My nerves were calmer and I had no more panic attacks. My digestive enzymes were normalized and I did not suffer from acid reflux after meals. I did not need any asthma drugs or any other prescription drugs.

Personally coming to LifeWorks and being treated by Dr. Springer has been a complete blessing in my life. My health is finally not a problem for me any more. I can enjoy my life and eat without the worry of an allergic reaction or aspirating. According to my husband, “LifeWorks and Dr. Springer saved my life”. S.R.