Testimonials About Our Doctors and Staff

Sue Morgan as My Practitioner*

Sue morgan arnp does a great job for her patients, helping them recover from the most serious conditions

“I had been having sinus trouble for many years, which meant that every morning when I woke up my nose would block up, and I would spend many minutes coughing until my chest cleared.

On a visit to LifeWorks, it was suggested that my problem might be an allergy to something, so I first had a Meridian Health Analysis (MHA) which determined the cause of my problems. Then I had laser treatment to fix the problem and lastly I had Allergy Elimination Technique (AET) which effectively eliminated my allergy problem.

That night I slept the best I had in years and when I woke up, my sinuses and chest were completely clear.”

Thank you LifeWorks! – Sue M.

“I have always hated getting my annual exam. I always felt so vulnerable and sometimes degraded by my doctor. Then I met Sue Morgan, ARNP. Her office is more like a relaxing room at my home with soft lighting. I felt completely respected and comfortable as Susan asked my permission with every step of the exam. She made sure I was covered and warm. The stirrups were even protected with colorful oven mitts. As I participated in the breast exam, I felt like we were a team and that I was safe. I no longer fear or hate my annual exam – Thank You Susan.

Skin Care Services

I’m 50.  I don’t feel 50, but I am.  Although I have good skin, I had an issue with some lines around my mouth—loss of a collagen in my cheekbones and a huge issue with bags under my eye. Now the bags are something that runs in my family and I felt were so big that I could use them as luggage.  Ha.

Anyway, Sue Morgan did some fillers in the area and I look like I’m in my 30’s again.  This doesn’t look fake at all and people I’ve known forever just keep coming up to me and saying “you look great”—or “you look so rested”.  It’s my secret weapon.  Thanks J Laura B

“A few words about LifeWorks’ ARNP, Sue Morgan. She is not only a wonderful practitioner who helps with general health problems, she is great at hormones and aspects of aging too …AND I recently happily found out she is an artist when it comes to helping one’s face with aging!

She has done Botox on me and also used some fillers for those lines we ladies dislike so much… I was delighted with the results! I have gotten MANY compliments on her work; my daughter being my biggest critic says I look the best I have ever looked!

I have seen aestheticians over the years but none as gentle and caring as Sue. She really listens and understands what you want – a must in this field. Thanks, Sue.” R.J.


I was in your office on Tuesday and have struggled with post nasal drip and some “thrushy” coating on my tongue for over a decade! I have been to several doctors both mainstream and alternative and have had a variety of diagnosis and protocols. None have brought relief.

When you diagnosed me with mold/fungus in my sinuses I was pretty devastated and thought that I might never be normal, since I know mold is such a stubborn guest. I have been religiously following the protocol which you gave me for only TWO DAYS and I have almost total relief from post nasal drip and the coating on my tongue is almost gone (This coating has NEVER gone away).

I will keep up the protocol for the 2-3 months suggested regardless of my symptoms, but I had to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for your time and your help in diagnosing and treating me. I feel like I can finally breath. My head feels clear and I feel like I am breathing “normally” with my entire lung capacity…this is a new sensation that I did not even realize I was missing.

I believe God works through people on earth to help heal and accomplish his will. Thank you for being an answer to my prayer! Sincerely, Tina. C

“I had a great visit with Sue Morgan, ARNP. I feel thoroughly checked out, and she made me feel very comfortable. All my concerns were addressed and alleviated. She is so competent and wonderful! Thank you.” – A. DC.