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That Touch of Mink*

A lifeworks patient wrote dr minkoff a poem, to describe the way therapies helped her get her life back

‘Twas the day after Minkoff
And treatment was started.
My sugar and I were reluctantly parted.
I cried as my pasta and bread were thrown out.
“You’re cruel, Dr. Mink,” I said with a shout!

“Your tooth is infected and it has to go!”
“But I’ll look like a pumpkin! Oh no, no, no, no!”
“There are NO no’s at Minkoffs,
You do what I say.
Now go get some Ozone
And have a nice day!”

The vitamins took up three shelves on the wall.
I heard Minkoff’s voice, “Take them all, take them all!
We must kill those bad bugs before they kill you!
I might triple the dosage before we are through.
Ten more treatments of Ozone might also be due.”

Can’t argue with Minkoff, he’s honest and true.
If he puts you on something, he’s been on it too.
The Paleo Diet is one of his suits.
Just protein and veggies and nuts, little fruits.
No fun stuff, no pizza, no donuts, no fritters.
But thanks to this diet, I’m killing the critters!
I’ve lost lots of weight and most of my jitters.
And though I crave chocolate and pasta and bread.
I’ve learned how to bake with nut flour instead.

If anyone wants to feel healthy and new,
PLEASE see Dr. Minkoff.
He’ll OZONATE you.

There’s Ozone and Rozone and soon something new.
I hope it’s called Blozone to lift your face too.
I’m having my veins done, my house cleaned as well,
All handled with Ozone, no chemical gel.

And so Dr. Minkoff, I bid you good cheer.
I’m safe and secure knowing Ozone is near.
But YOU are the genius who made it all clear
And YOU are the Mink that we all hold so dear!

By Paleo Rita, the baketress

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