My Cancer Was Diagnosed at LifeWorks.*

My Toronto Physician had diagnosed either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromyalgia. My research said that OZONE Therapy may help my joint pain. I searched OZONE Therapies online and found LifeWorks Clinic. Cancer was diagnosed at LifeWorks.

There were no openings to see Dr. Minkoff for several months but Tamora somehow was able to fit me in early one morning at 8am. I am grateful to her for this. In addition to my joint pain, exhaustion and depression, I suspected that I had a breast tumor. Dr. Minkoff prescribed the MRI which confirmed cancer. I chose “Insulin Potentiated Therapy” treatment at LifeWorks. This was instead of my Toronto Dr.’s recommendation for “radiation” after my lumpectomy. I did 15 “IPT” treatments along with several I.V. treatments of High Dose Vitamin C and PCUVBI OZONE, HOCATT, PEMF, along with “I-Therm” (a localized heat therapy at the site of the cancer). I complied with the “Ketogenic” diet. I followed Dr. Minkoff’s advice to remove 2 old root canals, which I think removed a significant burden from my immune system.

After several weeks of treatment at LifeWorks, my health has transformed. I believe the cancer is now in a dormant phase. The staff here taught me how to change my lifestyle in order to keep inflammation levels low and disease states DORMANT. I was overweight due to an uncontrollable sugar addiction. However, with no effort I lost 25 pounds which I had been unable to lose for the past 10 years. I no longer crave sugar or wheat. My chronic skin condition cleared after a lifetime of suffering with toxic drugs and topical medications. My energy and mood is excellent. After my “IPT” Cancer Therapy, 3 MRI’s were done with “contrast dye” to compare to the original MRI (which found the tumor). The post-treatment MRI’s showed no tumors or lesions visible. My energy levels are excellent, my pain is reduced and I now exercise and do yoga once again. I no longer need any medications for depression. I am grateful for having access to Dr. Minkoff. He is a true Medical Intuitive and highly knowledgeable doctor. I am thankful for the teaching and compassion offered by: Sue Morgan, Jen, Amelia, Lisa, Mary Pat, Leslie and Sherieka. They helped me through my treatments. I am grateful to them. I would recommend LifeWorks Clinic and Dr. Minkoff very highly. My cancer is now dormant and my autoimmune condition is much improved. My overall health is now excellent!


With Great Appreciation

-Joanne (Toronto, Canada)


       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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