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Stomach Cancer: Now I’m Totally Pain Free!*

Our patient got rid of stomach cancer and is totally pain free

About 3 months ago, I started treatment after I was diagnosed with stomach cancer at Dr. Minkoff’s clinic. When I started, I was in a very bad condition. I had a lot of pain, I could not eat food well, I had no energy, and I was in a very depressive neural state. I almost thought of the end of my journey.

A short time after starting my treatment, I felt better and better. My appetite came back. I can eat almost normal meals which don’t have to go through the blender. I don’t have to take any painkillers, almost from the beginning of the treatment because I am totally pain free. I sleep very well. I have real good energy – I even worked in the garden again. I can drive my car again which I could not before.

I have a very good outlook on my future. I would like to thank so much Dr. Minkoff and all his dedicated staff for what they are doing to make this happen.

Brigitte Strijewski

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