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Success Story – Pancreatic Cancer Tumor Shrinking with IPT*

My most recent MRI showed “no evidence of residual disease”. This is after 5 IPT chemo sessions with Sue Morgan and following Dr. Minkoff’s supplement regimen. My last MRI showed a 3.3cm tumor along my SMA, down from 5.5cm after 3 rounds of full dose chemo. I showed a “clean” result in 2015 and stopped doing my IPT chemo, only to have the tumor reappear in 6 months.

I won’t make the same mistake again. IPT chemo really does work, but you must not stop after it gets you a great MRI result. I plan on continuing treatments and taking supplements for as long as they work. Pancreatic cancer is not a cancer you want to keep giving chances to kill you. Stick with it!


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No More Cancer!

“NO CANCER, None, Nada”*

I just couldn’t wait to thank you for all the amazing treatments and compassion that everyone shows.  You’ve made this experience more tolerable and even a joy.  My news is th...

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Cancer Success*

I have found a caring, loving family here at LifeWorks. Since my arrival on April 26th, I have felt love, concern and very compassionate people – with lots of smiles that welc...

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Cancer Treatment Success*

I came to LifeWorks for the first time on Feb. 3, 2016, with a diagnosis of vocal cord cancer and constant hoarseness and difficulty speaking. Within weeks of starting my tr...

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IPT Low-Dose Chemo*

The first set of alternative IPT treatments really impressed me. My breast cancer tumors receded and skin lesions started healing along with those metastasized tumors I felt w...

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Success Story Dr. Minkoff*

Success Story Dr. Minkoff I came to LifeWorks a complete physical wreck. I had just had a total hysterectomy to handle uterine cancer. I couldn’t handle my body temperature, p...

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Dear Dr. Minkoff, I would like to thank you for the care you have been providing me. From the day I entered LifeWorks Wellness Center I felt very comfortable with the care ...

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A Miracle Prostate Story*

At the Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, I was told I had Stage IV cancer and there was no cure. My oncologist (cancer doctor) said I would be fighting canc...

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Successful IPT Treatment*

My experience here has been really amazing. It’s never good to find out that you have something wrong with you, especially cancer, but I can say that I feel great after my tre...

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Prostate Cancer*

Way back in 1998 I received a scary report from my then physician that my PSA (prostate specific antigen) was at 6.6 and high for a young 44 year old, and that I needed a need...

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