Cancer Therapy: Prostate Cancer*

This is the happy story of a PSA going from 293 to 0.93. From severe pain requiring narcotics around the clock to one of the most physically fit 55 years olds you’ll ever see. Stage IV cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Read Mike’s story below.

“I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer and given a 36% chance of survival. Stage IV cancer (of any kind) is life threatening because this means the cancer has spread from its original site to other areas of the body. I was told by my oncologist that there was no cure and I would be on drugs the rest of my life. Even if I survived, I would never have a normal life again. When diagnosed, my PSA (the marker per blood test that shows the cancer) was at 291. Normal is between 1 and 4. I was scared!

I researched all the possible treatment programs available to find out who exactly was getting the best results with what they were using. I decided on the alternative route as it made the most sense. Although the conventional methods (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery), are the most accepted, they were definitely not the most effective. They were not getting the same consistent results as other alternative medical techniques that have been used around the world for over 40 years with great success.

I chose LifeWorks Wellness Center as Dr. Minkoff and his staff use the most modern techniques available and stay on the cutting-edge of effective noninvasive methods that not only address the current illness, but build up your immune system to prevent a recurrence in the future. I also liked the concept of treating the cause of my cancer, rather than just address the symptoms.

In a matter of months my PSA went from 291 down to under 1. I am rid of my cancer and feel certain myself that it will not return. I have a bright and happy future ahead of me now. I will miss the staff of this unique place. Honestly, it reminded me of when I was a kid and went to summer camp! You wouldn’t think of referring to having cancer being “fun”, but if any place can make it a happier experience, LifeWorks Wellness Center not only can, but does. They saved my life!” Mike. F.

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       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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