Autoimmune Disease

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Body After Autoimmune Disease Treatment

Invest in your health, eating right and excercise

Many patients come from all over the world to LifeWorks Wellness Center in Clearwater, Florida to seek holistic treatment for their varying illnesses. Whether people feel that the standard medical practices are failing them, or they’re tired of taking long-term prescribed medication without genuine results, individuals visit our facility with increased hopes that they will one day find the pathway to healing. There are many conditions that conventional medicine seems to sweep under the rug such as Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, and various autoimmune disorders. Fortunately, we’re known for being one of the top Lyme disease and Autoimmune clinics in the state of Florida using all natural remedies.

Specifically, those with different forms of autoimmunity may feel unsatisfied with standard medical treatments due to prescription drugs inducing flare-ups, irritations or other uncomfortable side effects. Additionally, these treatment methods are only tending to the symptoms of the disease and not the condition itself, hence why patients consistently experience periodic fluctuations of remission followed by periods of flare-ups. Meanwhile, the purpose of our methods is to fix the root cause of the condition. When patients come to us for treatment, they will have an initial consult with one of our practitioners to discuss symptoms, allergies, current or past medication use, or other conditions such as pregnancy or asthma. From there, the practitioner will order testing to analyze antigens or parasites in the system in order to establish the right program for the patient. They then will be given a treatment regimen that should last between eight to ten weeks with follow-up appointments in between incase alterations or additional supplements need to be added. Afterwards, patients will feel alleviated, however some may wonder what the next steps are once they graduate from their treatment program. Listed below are a few tips that we suggest to maintain a healthy system after completing an autoimmune treatment plan.

Stick to Your Diet

While on a treatment plan, a LifeWorks practitioner will advise a patient to start on a specific diet to help limit food sensitivities or processed chemicals in the body. In turn, this will eliminate any flare-ups induced by certain food ingredients. Furthermore, the patient may even find that the diet helps them lose weight and boosts energy levels. LifeWorks recommends two specific diets: the Paleo Diet and the Ketogenic Diet. Occasionally, we may also suggest intermittent fasting to patients to help reduce the amount of calorie intake.

Paleo: Every diet plan is determined based on the patient and their condition, however most autoimmune patients are placed on paleo. This diet plan makes its participants consume foods that are similar to what our human hunter-gatherer ancestors may have eaten during the Paleolithic era. These foods normally include lean meats, fish, fruits, leafy greens, nuts (excluding peanuts) and seeds. This diet is highly recommended to autoimmune patients because it allows the patient to consume all natural ingredients while excluding all artificial flavors and chemicals that could potentially be throwing the immune system out of whack.

Ketogenic: Often referred to as “keto”, this is a low carb, high fat diet that provides benefits in those with diabetes, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and autoimmune disorders that affect the thyroid, nervous system or brain. Keto triggers the body’s metabolic process called “ketosis” that forces it to burn natural fat rather than carbohydrates. Some autoimmune patients may find this diet more effective as it reduces inflammation and increases glutathione levels. However, a practitioner may eventually advise the patient to stop this diet once there is limited stored body fat to burn. From there, intermittent fasting or paleo may be advised.

These diets provide miraculous extensive benefits for those with autoimmune disease, hence why it is highly recommended for patients to continue with them after they have completed their treatment program.

Continue Your Supplement Regimen

Most autoimmune patients at LifeWorks will be placed on a specific supplement regimen to follow during their treatment plan. This is done because many autoimmune diseases are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies that make the immune system more vulnerable to malevolent bacteria. Even when one has completed their treatment program, continuing with supplements will help keep the body strong to fight against foreign antigens and help keep the immune system functioning normally.


Most patients feel slightly anxious to exercise while suffering with autoimmunity, even with increased energy levels after receiving treatment. This is because many believe exercise could induce a flare-up and lead the patient back to square-one. In reality, exercise helps patients maintain a healthy body, and it’s even encouraged during one’s treatment plan. Exercise doesn’t have to involve strenuous workouts at the gym. A simple 15-20 minute daily walk can do wonders for sustaining a strong immune system and energy levels. Also, contrary to what many believe, it may even help prevent potential flare-ups. After completing their treatment program, patients will regain their energy levels and adding a little exercise will help keep the body and immune system strong.

Staying Healthy Without Long-Term Medications

Of course, nothing is guaranteed as autoimmune disorders are incurable, however our methods have helped many patients put their condition into remission and return to a normal quality of life without the use of invasive treatments or prolonged prescription drugs. Furthermore, many patients have come out learning more about their body and condition, and as a result, they are more knowledgeable on how to manage their symptoms naturally.

If you or someone that you know is suffering from an autoimmune condition and are interested in trying holistic forms of treatment, please call to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners at 727-466-6789.