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Elizabeth’s Prolozone Therapy Success*

Rheumatoid arthritis – an auto immune disease

I have a history of herniated discs in lumbar region. Injured my back on a Tuesday and had severe muscle spasms in left quadriceps. I was unable to put weight on left leg without feeling like it was going to give way. Tamora got me an appointment right away with Jennifer who gave me prolozone injections along L2-L4 lumbar spine, above posterior superior iliac spines bilaterally, and along superior border of iliac crest. Also gave me prolozone injections in left quadriceps muscle.

By Wednesday night, I was walking without a cane and by Friday feeling close to “magnificent” with only slight tightness in low back and left quads. Thank you to Tamora for her compassion in getting me in so quickly and to Jennifer for her compassion and the perfect placement of the prolozone injections!

Elizabeth. K.