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A happy patient who received Prolotherapy

Patient Testimonials

“After an ankle trauma in January of 2000, I was unable to walk without pain. I grew used to living and sleeping with pain. Anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and 3 different casts failed to improve the situation. A friend recommended Prolotherapy and I came to Dr. Minkoff. After several treatments I am pain free and beginning to exercise again. I though a normal, active middle age was impossible for me but now I hope to once again play golf, tennis and enjoy long walks. Thank you!” – J.L.

“I have had severe lower back pain for about twenty years. Traditional medicine doctor’s only help was pain pills, which I did not want to get “hooked” on. They did not address the cause of the pain. The Prolotherapy has helped tremendously and I have gotten such major relief from the constant pain. The temporary discomfort of the treatment was well worth the outcome, which is true pain relief due to the Prolotherapy strengthening the ligaments of my lower back. I highly recommend Prolotherapy.” – S

“I received my first Prolotherapy injections in both my back and left knee. Dr. Minkoff administered these five days ago. Last night I awoke with overall tingling sensations throughout my back, shoulders and legs. My nerve routes are already on the return to being “unlocked”. My back feels tighter and more stable and I have neither knee of back pain. I can’t wait to have my shoulder and right knee treated. Thank you for your skills and personal attention.” – L.S.

“Dr. Minkoff has helped me SO much with the Prolotherapy, from my neck, upper to mid and lower back, as well as my shoulders, rotator cuff and forearms, all the way down to my wrists. (Fingers are next) I just saw Dr. Minkoff for my right wrist three days ago. I had gotten to the point that I was unable to even address an envelope. I actually went so far as to have a tutor try and teach me to write with my left hand, but it hurt as well. The time before last when I was in for Prolo, Dr. Minkoff worked his way quite intensively down my arm, so by the time he got to my wrists I did want to continue, so he only did a quarter of my right wrist. (Besides, I have very small wrists and have never liked them to be touched let alone “poked” at.) After only one quarter of my wrist being addressed, I noticed a major difference. I could address an envelope and maybe write a paragraph. It still needed to be handled as well as the rest of my arm, so I received more Prolotherapy on Friday. I really did not want to address the wrists, even though I knew I needed to. I found that my fear in this case was much worse then the therapy. And boy did it help! My wrists have been in constant pain to a greater or lesser degree, to the point that I just “expected” it and didn’t think much of the dull pain until an hour after my treatment, when I noticed it was gone. It stood out very clearly because my left wrist still had the same pain that was now gone on the right side. WOW and within an hour! This kind of thing happens routinely with Prolotherapy. Then the next morning, I used the keyboard on my laptop and I noticed another even more dramatic change. Now this is going to sound strange, but I am “sensitive” to electronics. I can perceive florescent rays, radiation from computers and even the electric flow from an electric door, etc. When I would use this laptop computer, I could feel the electronic flow coming up from the computer and it would really make my wrists hurt. I knew it hurt because it was an injured area and it was responding to it by communication pain. Anyway, it was wild, when I used my computer, it didn’t bother my right wrist at all, but it did my left one. I swear by Prolotherapy, my quality of living would be at a 0 without it! Dr. Minkoff handled me so well. I did not want to do my wrists because like I mentioned earlier, I don’t like my wrists to be bothered with and the idea of receiving treatment on them was not something I felt I could do. But he did the treatment with no reservation and I am SO glad he did! It is not only his knowledge of workable technology, but his care and certainty that allows him to “walk on water”, just ask any of his patients.” – L.L.


Click the player below to listen to the Podcast with Ben Greenfield where Dr. Minkoff speaks about Prolotherapy.

Ben Greenfield’s Podcast page where Dr Minkoff speaks about Prolotherapy

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