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Prolozone Success Story*

Image of two construction workers. We offer prolozone treatment for various issues

“I have suffered from acute back pain on and off for 25 years and recently it really flared up to the point where I could not walk without a cane. Bending and moving were excruciatingly painful. Since I have a very physical job as a construction contractor, it also prevented me from working.

Previously, when my back has been bad I have visited chiropractors but since I’m now a patient of LifeWorks, I called Tamora to ask her advice. She said I should see Dr. Minkoff and have some prolozone therapy.

It was a new one on me but I have great faith in LifeWorks, so I thought I would give it a try.

When I entered Dr. Minkoff’s room I could barely walk or stand straight. When I left 20 minutes later, I was standing upright and the pain was significantly less. Almost immediately I was able to do some light work, and now after only three sessions I am back at work as normal. I am really impressed by this therapy and would recommend it to anyone in pain. Evidentially, it doesn’t just help back issues – one of the LifeWorks’ staff told me she was having it for wrist pain.

What I would say about this therapy is that while other treatments help to ‘manage’ the pain, prolozone therapy seems to ‘heal’ the source of the pain. Great job, Dr. Minkoff and LifeWorks!”   Greg. L.

“During my senior year of High School I was rear-ended while driving to my Homecoming. I had constant headaches and neck pain, even with chiropractic treatments 3 times a week.

My Mom looked up Dr. Minkoff and his prolozone shots. It is the one thing that completely got rid of my headaches. I received 3 treatments and feel so much better. I wake up headache-free every morning.

Now I am ready for Prom, Graduation and College without the burden of a headache.” A.B.

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