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Pain Relief*

A man suffering from joint pain wondering about a possible efficient treatment

Hi Tamora.

I know it’s Saturday night but I just have to tell you that removing the implant from my jaw worked. I’ve walked without my cane since Tuesday night and I’m doing “normal” things that most people take for granted.

I’ve cried tears of joy instead of pain, thanks to Dr. Minkoff and everyone at LifeWorks.

I feel so good I get to start aqua therapy. The nerve is still aggravated but only discomfort vs. excruciating pain. My husband, Ken, bought my favorite Champagne to celebrate getting our lives back and he’s so happy I’m not in constant agony. (though I know alcohol increases inflammation, you’ve gotta live a little)!!

Please pass this along and have a great rest of your vacation.

Hugs – K.