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Cancer: How to Prevent It or Fight It

How to prevent or cure cancer. We offer efficient alternative cancer treatments at lifeworks

Are There Steps To Take For Cancer Prevention?

Cancer is a word which strikes fear into most people, especially those with a family history of the disease. And with the huge increase in environmental toxins and their potential carcinogenic effects, many people wonder if anything can be done to prevent the Big C becoming a reality in their lives. The good news is yes, there are many steps a healthy person can take towards cancer prevention and there are also some good, natural ways you can go to war with cancer, if you have been diagnosed with it.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancerous cells are also called malignant cells.

Cancer grows out of normal cells in the body. Normal cells multiply when the body needs them, and die when the body doesn’t need them. Cancer appears to occur when the growth of cells in the body is out of control and cells divide too quickly. It can also occur when cells forget how to die.

Types of Cancer

There are many different kinds of cancers. Cancer can develop in almost any organ or tissue, such as the lung, colon, breast, skin, bones, or nerve tissue.

The three most common cancers in men in the United States are prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer.

In women the most common cancers are breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

I’m Healthy – How Do I Stay That Way?

Cancerous cells develop daily in all of us, but don’t result in serious illness if the person’s immune system is healthy. 70% of the immune system is in the small intestinal wall, so improving and maintaining intestinal health and ecology is paramount. Daily intake of a good-quality probiotic is a good starting point for boosting the immune system.

As mentioned earlier, pollutants really are the enemy as they damage DNA by direct poisoning. No matter how much of a ‘green’ lifestyle you follow, there really is no escaping the onslaught of environmental toxins. You know they are coming in, so let’s keep them moving out. Consciously make a plan to remove the existing load of body toxins from your system. At LifeWorks Wellness Center we recommend chelation therapy, a course of 10-20 IVs which safely remove heavy metals from the body.

Improve your rate of continual detoxification by improving nutrition. Lots of organic fruits and veggies are essential combined with organic, hormone-free meats, eggs and fish. Ensure you have regular bowel movements (at least 2 per day) to evacuate the toxins as you move them from your body. You don’t want them sitting around in the colon for several days.

Cancer survives better in low oxygen environments so improve body oxygenation levels through regular exercise.

Many viruses are known to cause cancer. They should be looked for, especially EBV, CMV, Herpes I and II, HPV and if found, should be treated immediately. Early intervention cancer screens can be done and at LifeWorks we recommend an AMAS (Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum) or a Metabolic Cancer Profile.

With thyroid disease at epidemic proportions in the US, it is worth noting that low thyroid function predisposes a person to cancer, so ensure you have regular blood work to monitor thyroid function and keep thyroid hormone levels optimized.

I’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer – What Can I Do?

Wage war on cancerous cells with specifically targeted nutrition to repair damaged DNA. A course of specifically targeted IV therapy is recommended, complemented by quality amino acid supplementation using Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP). Boost natural killer cells.

Boost natural killer cells and improve your immune response by using specific herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine.

Examine your lifestyle to see if there are any pointers to show why you may have developed cancer in the first place, and then work on eradicating or improving those areas. Look at your exposure to pollutants, your hormone levels and your use of medication. One example is breast cancer, the incidence of which can be related to xenoestrogens (hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, cosmetics, hydrocarbons, chemicals) in the environment, progesterone deficiency, radiation, and over-use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Look at your pre-cancer diet. If you had a low-quality food intake with a lack of vitamins, essential fats, minerals, and amino acids then there is much room for improvement and you should follow the recommended eating plan above. Also, many fungi are known to be carcinogenic so limit or eliminate them from your diet.

Take a look at your workplace and living environment. Sick Building Syndrome is a reality in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects from inadequate ventilation, chemical contaminants from indoor or outdoor sources and biological contaminants such as bacteria and molds.

What’s happening in your mouth? Is there infection hiding in root canals, the jaw bone, or the tonsilar crypts? This could be something that you are totally unaware of but if your immune system is having to fight infection in hidden areas, it may be too depleted to fight cancerous cells.

Lowered cellular energy may be the common denominator. Energetic treatments like pulsed magnetic fields may improve this. At LifeWorks we recommend a course of treatments on our Papimi machine for this purpose.

At LifeWorks we have helped many patients with advice about cancer prevention and treatment and would love to help you too. Call (727) 466-6789 today for an appointment or more information or visit www.lifeworkswellnesscenter.com.

Dr. David Minkoff is co-founder and Medical Director of LifeWorks Wellness Center, one of the foremost alternative health clinics in the US.

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