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How Can Vitamin C Help Fight Cancer?

Vitamin C is one of the best known of all the vitamins, and is very popular among people who like to use supplements. It is also present in a variety of foods from oranges and strawberries to kale and broccoli. Most people know that it’s a vitamin which helps to generally boost health and helps to ward off colds and flu.

But how does vitamin C help in the fight against cancer?

Why are increasing numbers of practitioners offering high-doses of Vitamin C to their cancer patients as part of their treatment? Because Vitamin C can damage the cancer cell’s DNA, it may stress their metabolism and inhibit their growth.

Scottish surgeons, Ewan Cameron and Allan Campbell are the earliest recorded exponents of using high-dose vitamin C to treat cancer patients, back in the 1970s. Cameron then went on to collaborate with Nobel Prize–winning chemist Linus Pauling, and the two conducted Vitamin C research. In the early 21st century, practitioners in the US began to regularly administer high-dose IV vitamin C to patients, most commonly being used to treat cancer, infections and fatigue.

How Does Vitamin C Fight Cancer?

A naturally occurring phenomenon is the body’s ability to fight infection – the white blood cells create hydrogen peroxide and use it as their ammunition against viruses and infections.  When high doses of vitamin C are administered directly into the blood via IV, it occupies the space around the cancer cells where it is converted into hydrogen peroxide. That, in turn, wages war on the cancer cells and kills them, leaving healthy cells unharmed.
At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we use high-dose vitamin C as part of our Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) protocol for cancer patients. Having the vitamin C absorbed directly into the blood stream has the advantage of achieving blood levels of the vitamin as much as 10 times higher than by taking oral supplementation.

Myers’ Cocktails and High Dose Vitamin C Cancer Treatment

If high dose vitamin C is administered through IV daily, it can lead to feelings of nausea in some patients. For that reason, we give a Myers’ Cocktail IV every other day. This ensures that the patient is receiving a steady dose of vitamin C, along with other immune-boosting ingredients such as vitamin B, calcium and magnesium. As the patient’s body starts fighting back against the cancer, it is vitally important to ensure that it is well armed with nutrients.

The idea of infusing high doses of vitamins intravenously was pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, Md., who up until his passing in 1984 infused thousands of patients with his unique formulation of vitamins. Now used successfully by hundreds of doctors, the formula remains the same and is known as the Myers’ Cocktail.

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Where to Find Vitamin C Cancer Therapy

LifeWorks Wellness Center is long recognized as one of the foremost natural health clinics in the US. At our Tampa Bay, Florida alternative medicine office we have been offering IV therapy since we opened our doors in 1997, and thousands of our patients have benefitted from it. The range of IVs we offer is wide and varied and includes high-dose vitamin C and Myers’ Cocktails. Patients fly in from all over the world because they simply can’t find clinics offering alternative cancer treatments and natural medicine for cancer where they live.

We have helped many patients regain their health and we would love to help you, too. To become a patient or for more information feel free to call the New Patient Scheduler at (727) 466-6789 or simply submit an online web inquiry with your request.

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