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Cancer Diagnosis & Biopsies – Optimum Health Report #398

Cancer Diagnosis & Biopsies

Greetings all!

Cancer and cancer treatments are very controversial subjects.

Most people who get into the “cancer system” have no idea what they are in for or the real efficacy of the treatment they are being prescribed.

One such subject that should be thought of is: Should biopsies be done for suspected cancer? Is there a risk in spreading the cancer from the biopsy itself? Are there other ways to diagnose cancer without doing a biopsy?

A very interesting You Tube video by Dr. Pamela Popper PhD, ND, addresses the subject of “can biopsies spread cancer?”

It’s only ten minutes and I think you will be shocked by what the medical literature shows.

We routinely find that sending blood samples for circulating cancer cells gives us a diagnosis of cancer without a biopsy.

It is one approach that can be taken, and I think should be considered in anyone who has suspected cancer.

Have a great week.
Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

“I came to LifeWorks a complete physical wreck. I had just had a total hysterectomy to handle uterine cancer. I couldn’t handle my body temperature, physical energy nor could I sleep! The worst part though, was my uncertainty about the future. I was in pain and I didn’t know if I could survive long. I didn’t know how I could ensure that I would remain cancer-free. There are few organizations on earth at this time where you can count on unadulterated help and care. LifeWorks is one. It’s above and beyond earthly expectations. 

Through Dr. Minkoff’s modern, advanced, alternative technology I have experienced a complete turnover. Using tests unavailable at mere mortal doctor’s offices and the handlings worked out by Dr. Minkoff, my health has been recovered and improved. Now I know I will live many more productive years – full of energy and unencumbered by pain. This has helped me to achieve my dreams

My love for each of the loving staff at LifeWorks is immense. It is like being in a big, warm, caring family! Everyone should know such help exists.
Much love.” – 
Vickie D.

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