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Breast Cancer & Environmental Toxins – OHR #467

Environmental Toxins and Breast Cancer: OHR #467

It is appalling that more than 200 million pounds of the weedkiller glyphosate is used annually by US farmers, despite its link to cancer, endocrine disruption, infertility, immune dysfunction, liver and kidney damage, and microbiome disruption. A report from the CDC found that more than 80% of urine samples drawn from 2,310 children and adults in the US had detectable traces of glyphosate. The evidence against the use of glyphosate keeps mounting, yet it’s still legally drenching our food supply. And not only is glyphosate harming human health and the health of our future generations, it’s also destroying our ecosystems.

Here at LifeWorks, we have been testing patients for glyphosate levels for many years and I have NEVER seen a patient with negative levels in urine. All patients are tested for glyphosate.

It appears that the entire aquafer is saturated with this toxic chemical so your drinking water and showering water are exposing you. If you are on well water, your chances of being exposed are higher. If you’re curious to learn more, Mark Hyman MD  did an entire podcast episode on the topic with MIT Senior Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff. It’s well worth listening to.

It helps greatly to eat only organic food, as it won’t contain glyphosate.

In recent studies that I did on our staff, all of whom had glyphosate in their urine collections, adding our new product Metal Free and Chemical detox improved the body’s ability to get rid of the stuff. Since I too have glyphosate in my urine, despite drinking reverse osmosis water, filtering my shower water, and eating organic, I am taking this product every day. Recommended is one dropper twice a day, but I am taking twice that amount as an added protection.

Living long and in good health means protecting oneself from the toxic environment. This is an important one to be aware of.

Hope you find this helpful.

Have a great week.
Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

Reference: TheGuardian.com


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“I am almost done with my treatments and I can see a significant difference in my body and health.  The IPT has been extremely successful.  The PEMF, ITHERM, MAS MAT have advanced my healing and the HOCATT is revolutionary.  Together with the keto diet and the supplements, I’m healthier than I have ever been.  LifeWorks Wellness Center has supported my healing through the encouragement of the staff and its resources.
Dr. Minkoff has found the way to cure cancer and bring life to so many.  I can’t thank him and the staff enough for their support.  This center has become my second home and extended family.” – C.E.

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