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Cancer Treatment Options: Toxic vs Effective – OHR #454

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Per the American Cancer Society the best ways to treat cancer is by high dose chemo, radiation and surgery. The old mantra of “cut, burn and poison.”

Sometimes these treatments work.

But since the war on cancer that was declared by President Nixon in 1971, 51 years ago, with hundreds of billions spent in research, the survival of patients with stage III and IV disease has not really improved.

Maybe there is another way? Maybe there is a better way?

Toxic treatments have casualties. Effective therapies have survivors.

One recent patient of LifeWorks wrote in…

“My doctor told me at my last doctor’s appointment that I had some white blood cells that were starting to get higher than normal and wanted me to see a specialist.  She told me after running more tests that I have the beginning stages of leukemia.

My wife prayed and found LifeWorks clinic online.  She called and got me an appointment in October.  I did my labs while we were here in October and decided to come back November 8th to start the treatments.  We brought our dog Snowy.  When we first got here, I didn’t have much energy and could only walk the dog as needed.  After the first 1 ½ – 2 weeks my sinuses cleared up (I have allergies) and I started walking the dog more.  I now walk him 3-4 miles daily.  I have so much more energy.  I feel 10 years younger.

Thanks to Dr. Minkoff and his entire staff of friendly faces who gave me encouragement and helpfulness on a daily basis, I am a new person again.  Thanks to all the people here at the clinic.  I finished my program in 5 weeks and 3 days.”  T.D.

Pretty good right?

If you have cancer, I recommend you come in and get an evaluation.

We are not anti “cut, burn and poison.” Actually we are against poison. Our treatment, IPT low dose chemo does not poison. Sometimes surgery is very helpful and sometimes radiation can also help.

But doing these things without proper immune support, detox, anti cancer nutritional implementations, anti cancer supplements, is not being nearly successful enough.

We are different because we do all these things and more.

If you have cancer or have a loved one with cancer, schedule an evaluation. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the experience, and I guarantee you will learn more about your disease than you ever were told before by your oncologist. You will gain knowledge. Knowledge is power and with power comes proper action, and with proper actions and alignment with the Almighty, you can overcome anything.

Have a great week.

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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