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Cancer Treatment Personalized to the Patient – OHR #417

Personalized Cancer Treatment

One of the problems of modern cancer treatment is that the model is a one size fits all schedule. If a woman has breast cancer of a certain type, she will get the same treatment at most cancer centers regardless of her age, ethnicity, or overall health profile. It turns out that breast cancer in one woman is not the same as breast cancer in another women and to treat them the same is not the best treatment.

Patients with advanced cancer were more likely to survive for longer or experience longer periods without disease progression if they received personalized cancer therapy, researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine have found. In a recent trial, three-year survival for cancer patients receiving personalized cancer treatments was 55%, compared to 25% of patients who received unmatched therapies.

In the new study published in Nature Communications, researchers set out to explore how effective personalized cancer treatments are for patients with various forms of cancer. A multidisciplinary tumor board (MTB) was formed, comprising clinical investigators, bioinformaticians, geneticists, and physicians from multiple specialties who provided expert advice on personalized treatments. Clinical-grade biomarkers were provided for each patient and were used by the MTB to design personalized treatments.

A total of 429 patients were evaluated by the tumor board, with 62% matched to at least one drug, and 20% were matched to all recommended drugs. Clinicians were free to exercise discretion, and ignored the MTB’s recommendations in 38% of cases, opting instead for a standard therapeutic approach. In the majority of cases, personalized treatment was much more effective at extending survival.

“Patients who receive MTB-based therapy are better matched to their genomic alterations, and the degree of matching is an independent predictor of improved oncologic outcomes including survival,” said Razelle Kurzrock, MD, director of the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy at Moores Cancer Center and senior author of the study.

The results showed that patients who received the personalized recommendations for treatment experienced significantly longer progression-free periods and better overall survival rates than those who received standard treatments advised by clinicians.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, a personalized program may give you a better chance of survival. At LifeWorks Wellness Center all of our cancer programs are personalized. I invite you to come in for a consult and I’ll show you what I mean.

Have a great week.

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

Source: https://www.rgcc-group.com/news/personalised-cancer-treatment-improves-patient-outcomes/

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