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Could Integrative healthcare by your best option? OHR #460

Ohr 460 alternative medicine

The gap between traditional medical doctors and what we do sometimes seems wider than the Pacific Ocean.

The Hippocratic demand of “first of all do no harm,” is mostly ignored. The complete neglect of basic nutrition and exercise is rarely emphasized in medical training. The quick fix of many pharmaceutical remedies with high expense, major side effects and real likelihood of injury is suppressed.

This week we got an email from a very happy patient…

The patient came to us with squamous cell cancer of the tongue and throat. This cancer is very difficult to treat, and the usual therapy of radiation is often very devastating to the patient. Radiation injury to the soft tissues, teeth and throat are common and severe. After consulting with her ENT doctor we saw her and advised an integrative non-toxic anticancer therapy. She did the therapy for 10 weeks and then did a follow-up with her ENT surgeon. Here is what she wrote to us:

I saw my ENT doctor yesterday.  VERY GOOD NEWS, he didn’t see any cancer on my tongue.  He said it looks normal and the neck appears the same on the left as the right.  There was a mass there too before.
I took great pleasure in his reaction.  He didn’t know quite what to say since on my first visit to him a couple months ago he told me, and put in his doctor notes, that the doctor treating my cancer was a quack and it was a scam.  That the only way to treat the cancer was with his therapies.
Thank you Dr. Minkoff and all the LifeWorks staff. You are the best.
R 😀

Not bad huh?

This is not meant to be an indictment of all medicine or that traditional therapy has no place in caring for people. It certainly does.

What bothers me is the intolerance and often arrogance of many doctors to real integrative care and how well it works to help people actually heal their bodies without harm.

Have a great week.
David I Minkoff, MD

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