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Is Your Gut Ruining Your Day? OHR #509

Is your gut ruining your day? Let's talk gut health.

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Message from Dr. Minkoff

Greetings all!

Did you know that…

  • The first symptom in someone with heart disease in about 50% of people is sudden death?
  • 70% of all cancers that are fatal turn out to be the result of cancers that are not routinely tested for by today’s medical system (e.g., pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma)?
  • That someone with Parkinson’s doesn’t have any symptoms of tremors until 70% of the area of their brain neurons that control fine movement are dead?
  • Many people when they are first diagnosed with cancer already have advanced Stage III or IV disease and have less than a 50% chance of living even five years?

You don’t have to be one of these people. With our advanced diagnostics we can detect early heart disease, brain degeneration and cancer early, when these conditions are treatable and that will result in a much better outcome.

Ignoring body conditions only means that eventually you will have to deal with them and at that point it might be too late. Now is the best time to do a full health inventory and get energetic, well and really healthy.

That is our specialty.

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Have a great week.

David I Minkoff, MD