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Is your toxic environment affecting your health? OHR #459

toxic environment - air pollution with sick person

I think I have the best job in the world. I have the best patients to see daily and help. I have the best most caring staff that exists anywhere. I get to learn new things every day, and I get the satisfaction of knowing that I am living a life of value to others. This gets reinforced every day. For example, this came in today…

“Please thank Dr Minkoff for me!
After reading through all my results and seeing all of the toxins, poisons, bacteria, organisms, and the type of Lyme disease– not to mention the impact it has had on my body- I couldn’t sleep that night. That made yesterday hard.  At the end of the day my speech, alertness, ability to comprehend and communicate were very difficult and that minimized my hope even more.  I took my supplements and went to bed.
Today is the first day in years!! No joke. It’s been Years since I feel like I slept!!!! You have to have felt the other for even a day to the degree it was to understand this feeling.  My hope is restored! My drive to fight this battle is restored!!
God has big, big plans for my life and I am going to make sure it happens!!” –JG

JG came in with a medical symptom score of 172. Healthy people usually test below 20. This means she is really sick. At her 8 week visit, her symptom score had reduced to 57! That represents an astronomical improvement.

We have the knowhow to handle any medical condition and help the patient to regain their health.

Because of that we have one of the largest integrative health clinics in the US. We are big because we have helped many and they send their friends and families to our center so they can be helped too.

If you need help, have searched everywhere without success, we can help you.

Call us and begin the process.

Don’t wait. Do it now. 727 466 6789.

Have a great week.

David I Minkoff, MD

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