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Lyme Disease Headaches OHR 508

Did you know lyme disease can cause headaches?

Message From Dr. Minkoff

Look what just came in…

To everyone at LifeWorks –

Your attention to detail and fine understanding of the protocols, products and modalities that engage a natural synergy so my body and mind (and soul) could recover from Lyme and multiple co-infections is nothing short of amazing!  My 10 weeks here have returned me to a state of health I thought maybe I’d lost forever.  My time here has taught me that “going back to how you used to be” isn’t what life and wellness are about.  The magic is in moving forward, truly understanding that your body is your home, and that we each have an “inner physician” that gets to work to repair and maintain it when it’s properly understood and supported.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for helping me make a life-changing recovery from illness. – K

We are masters of handling Lyme disease.

If you are anyone you care about has been suffering, send them to us.

We can help them heal and is occurs with regularity for those who come.

Have a great week.

David I Minkoff, MD

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