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Video: What can you do to protect your family from Pesticides and Toxins?

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Pesticides and toxins are everywhere! They are in our food supply and water. You need to know what to do about this now.

Hi, Dr. Minkoff here. Can you imagine why we’re in the situation we are now with some worldwide epidemics and I’m not gonna tell you what they are yet but I wanted to just take you through sort of a thought scenario. What do you think would happen to our planet, meaning the soil, the bacteria in the soil, which are the source of all life on this planet because they make plants or their nutrients for plants and where the energy sources are, that we are totally dependent on this ecosystem. What do you think happens to this ecosystem that planet Earth is in the neighborhood of five billion years old, if we would produce a major attack on this very delicate earth loam soil structure, to the point where it was under peril to a very high degree?

In 2015 two billion tons of the pesticide glyphosate (that’s RoundUp), was dumped on planet Earth. Now it’s the same now but there’s statistics for 2015. Two billion tons per year dumped on planet Earth of a pesticide which kills bacteria, it kills cells, it’s carcinogenic and it’s put on to the soil all over the world. Except in a few countries in Europe where it’s outlawed but for sure in the United States, it’s not outlawed. You can’t even put it on a label on a food, now this is a big problem. A Harvard researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff has written a very nice book on this which gives all the facts but if you start looking at, okay now the soil organisms are getting killed off. Now the plants are being sprayed with this stuff and it produces leaky pore membranes in the plant so their root structure can’t take up nutrients the way it’s supposed to take it up and then the plants don’t get the minerals and vitamins they need from the soil and they’re poisoned with the pesticide and now our animals are eating that. So our cows and our chickens and our lambs and us are eating it and I don’t know how many thousands of pounds of corn say that a cow eats but believe me he’s gonna concentrate all that poison in his body and then when we eat it, we’re gonna get it in our body because his body does not really dispose of it, it stays in his tissues and when we eat those tissues we’re gonna get that stuff. And what’s it gonna do to our body? Well it rips holes in our intestinal membrane. It is a poison. It blocks the cell from being able to make some essential amino acids. It kills good gut bacteria. And the downside of this is that if we look at our population over the last thirty years, what we see is we have epidemics of autism. When I was, I used to be a pediatrician and when I was a pediatrician the incidence of autism was basically you’d never see one in your whole life if you were busy pediatrician seeing 50 kids a day. I got told that by Dr. Bill Nighean who was the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California in San Diego, where I did my residency. One day we had an autism patient in the clinic and he came around to make rounds with us and there was a little kid in there and he said make sure you go examine this kid when when you’re done with rounds today because you’ll never see another one. This kid has autism. This is 1978. And he said, if you’re a busy pediatrician and you see 40 kids a day, five days a week for 35 years you won’t see one because it’s very rare. Do you know that the incidence of autism now is 1 in 36 live male births. This is like the biggest catastrophe that’s ever happened to families, the school systems, the future workforce. It’s a huge thing. Now I’m not saying that autism is caused only by glyphosate, there’s plenty other toxins to go around. But I’m just looking at, glyphosate has had a huge impact on our ecosystem and now we look at we’ve got autism. One in ten kids have ADD. Seventy percent of those kids are on amphetamines. You know if you do a SPECT scan, which is a scan of the brain to look for the effect of the brain on a medication, that if you give someone an amphetamine like Adderall or methamphetamine that it looks identical as cocaine. Giving this to five and six-year-olds, who we know it shrinks their brain, it kills their appetite, it stunts their growth. So epidemic of autism, ADD, asthma, allergies, pre-diabetes, obesity, major depression, dementia. I mean these things… cancer… these things weren’t didn’t exist 100 years ago. They did not exist or hardly. Now if you’re in clinical medicine you’re seeing this stuff, this is what you’re seeing. And I think that it’s related to we’re poisoning our planet. And the major poison that’s having the most effect that I can see,
is glyphosate. Now there’s plenty to go around with cell phone radiation and with plastics and with petrochemicals. So we are living in a sea of this stuff but this one is really poisoning our basic ecosystem which is our soil and it’s having a huge impact. And if we don’t do something about it and there’s it’s very simple… don’t buy non-organic food. Don’t buy GMO food. Don’t buy it.
It’s… if we can kill the business by having people not buy it, they will sell something else which is better and we have control over this. So almost all the corn in the store unless it’s certified organic is GMO corn and it’s got glyphosate. Same with soybeans, same with wheat. So we have control as people of controlling, why did Amazon buy Whole Foods? Because lots of people are going to Whole Foods and they’re shopping. That’s good! So they support that. So I think if we can as a population start to look at… our days are numbered. It might not be in my lifetime but certainly my children and my grandchildren are numbered if we don’t turn this thing around. And if we don’t do something about it which is actively not patronize that stuff, we can make an impact and we can help ourselves, we can help our planet and we can help our kids. Okay hope this helps.

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