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Video: Ionic Foot Baths

Ionic Foot Bath: When you put the positive energy into your body, chemicals and toxins which are positively charged (free radicals), they start to exit the body

We’ve added the Ionic Foot Bath to our list of available therapies at LifeWorks Wellness Center. This treatment was originally designed for people who had toxic reactions to chemotherapy and the Ionic Foot Bath was used to try and get the rest of the chemo out of the body. The Ionic Foot Bath is a great treatment to detox the body. It is very safe and relaxing!

In this video you will learn:

  • What is an Ionic Foot Bath?
  • What are the benefits of the Ionic Foot Bath?
  • Who should do the Ionic Foot Bath?
  • How often should you do the Ionic Foot Bath?

Hi, this is Dr. Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness
Center. You may have been prescribed, what

we call, Ionic Foot Baths.
Now, what’s a foot bath?

Well, it’s a little tub of water, you put
your feet in it. There is a device inside

that tub which puts a very low level electrical
current in to the water. And that electrical

current puts ions or energy into your body.
And when you put the positive energy into

your body, chemicals and toxins and other
things which are positively charged, you know

they’re free radicals, they start to exit
the body. Cause, the body wants an equal balance

of plus and minus. So, if you put in extra
pluses, you can force the excess pluses, like

mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and drugs and other
stuff out. And so, these things come out through

the skin.
And so, you put your foot in the foot bath

for about half an hour. We do it usually two
times a week.

What you will see is that the water turns
brown, and it gets bubbly, and ugly and it

looks horrible. Some of this is the toxins
that are leaving. Some of it is just the reaction

of the electrodes in the water.
This treatment was originally designed for

people who had had chemotherapy, that had
toxic reactions from the chemotherapy. They

had chemo brain, or they had heart problems
or other things. And it was an attempt to

try to get the chemotherapy that had been
left in their body after the treatment to

get it out.
So I usually advise this for people who have

had chemotherapy and had reactions, or who
have a high level of toxicity in their body

with heavy metals or chemicals or pesticides.
And it helps their body to get the stuff out

faster than it would if we didn’t use it.
It’s very simple. Actually, feels good.

Some people will get a bit of a detox reaction
the first three or four treatments. Some people

actually feel quite energized by it.
So, it’s very safe. It’s very good. There’s

tons of research on this and it’s kind of
fun to get a foot soak a couple of times a week.

Ok. So, hope this helps.


About Dr. Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement. He then completed both a Pediatric Residency and a Fellowship in Infectious Disease at the University of California at San Diego. He worked at the University of California and Children’s Hospitals in San Diego as an attending physician in infectious disease while conducting original research on Ribaviron, a broad spectrum anti-viral agent to fight disease. He also co-directed a neo-natal intensive care unit and worked in emergency medicine. In 1992, Dr. Minkoff’s attended a lecture by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, widely considered the father of functional medicine, during which he had a eureka moment, and began pursuing the alternative health field with a vengeance, studying under the most accomplished thought leaders on natural & integrative healing. In 1997 Dr. Minkoff and his wife set up a small clinic to help friends with their medical problems. What began as an experiment blossomed into Lifeworks Wellness Center, one of the most successful clinics for complementary medicine in the United States.