Environmental Toxins

The Importance of Body Detoxification

Time to detox

Imagine that you have picked out a fresh orange from a tree. The fruit looks plump, exquisite, ripe, and ready to be peeled and squeezed of its natural juice. But since you are not hungry, you place the orange on your kitchen counter to eat later. After several busy days pass by, your stomach growls and begs for a source of nutrients; automatically reminding you of the fresh fruit that you had picked days ago. The moment that you return to the kitchen, you discover that this once bright citrus fruit has faded in color and accumulated mold, causing you to lose your appetite. What happened to this fruit? It is simple. Microorganisms such as bacteria, moisture and mold in the air sped up the spoiling process. Now take a moment and think about this question… if bacterial organisms can do that to a piece of fruit, what can they do to you?

Bacteria, mold, metal, heavy chemicals, and toxins are prevalent in the atmosphere, and they have a proclivity to contaminate everything from plants, vegetation, animals, food, and our own bodies. When these malevolent compounds make their way into our system, it causes a toxic buildup and can lead to awful consequences such as autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, hormonal issues, neurological problems, infertility, and cancer. As a solution to prevent these conditions, LifeWorks suggests detoxification treatments.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of removing particles, toxic substances, or drugs from the body. In the medical industry, the term is mainly used to describe methods in which people can ween off long-term drug and alcohol substances, however people do not need to have drug addictions to be eligible for a body detox. Toxic elements are constantly entering into our bloodstream and digestive tract daily and sadly there is no realistic way of avoiding them. Air pollution, metals in water, bacterial growth, mold, cleaning products, hairsprays, jewelry, medications, etc. all contain some type of chemical that is dangerous to the body. Although detox methods are beneficial to those who have suffered from extreme drug and alcohol reliance, other detoxification treatment methods are useful in eliminating the harmful environmental chemicals from our bodies.

What is the Process?

In truth, our liver is responsible for extracting all types of toxins from the system and disposing them via urination. However, when the liver becomes impaired due to a toxin overload, it will not be able to perform its function effectively. When this happens, the toxins will no longer be eliminated, and instead, be stored as body fat or buildup into fatty particles. Excessive amounts of this fatty buildup will soon lead to more critical health concerns. To prevent this from happening, people often turn to natural detoxification. But what does this mean, and what should be expected? The process of this can mean many different things. Some people choose to detox by dieting while others seek out specialized treatments. Either way can prove to be effective, however at LifeWorks, we often guide our patients through a program to help them exterminate the bad bacteria efficiently. Dr. Minkoff will suggest a series of Chelation Treatments, Intravenous Treatments, and Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozone (EBOO) Therapies along with the Paleo Diet to ensure that no processed chemicals are entering the body.

Why Detoxification?

When people periodically experience common cold or flu-like symptoms, they often turn to antibiotics or other prescribed medications to relieve themselves. What many are unaware of is that sometimes this tactic is counterproductive as strong medications or over-the counter-pills add more chemicals to the body, thus adding more toxic build-up. Realistically, sometimes the only treatment needed to relieve symptoms is a body detox. Detoxing can benefit the body in multiple ways. It will expel all chemicals, bacteria, and toxins that have built up and been stored over a long period of time. Detoxification can assist in re-balancing the system and repair damage, infections, or inflammation. It can help to naturally reduce chronic symptoms such as headaches or acne. And the best part, it can induce weight loss and promote healthier future lifestyle habits. LifeWorks provides detoxification for those suffering from mold exposure, heavy-metal toxicity, environmental toxins, pesticides and many others. Depending on how much or what type of toxin is built up within the body can determine the intensity of the treatment process.

What’s the Aftermath?

Depending on the type of detox method that one is following, the side effects can differ. In some circumstances, people will temporarily feel worse before they start to feel better. This is called a withdrawal, and it’s very normal for those detoxing themselves from heavy drug and alcohol use. For patients cleansing themselves of metal toxicity or mold exposure, they may notice a gradual difference in energy levels and a decrease of symptoms over the course of a few weeks of treatments. In order for detoxification to work properly, the patient must be committed to the program, adapt to new lifestyle changes, and communicate well with their practitioner with any questions or concerns. When the process is complete, patients will feel reenergized and full of excitement for their new symptom-free quality of life.

Take Care of Yourself

Our lives and our health are precious and it’s vital that we take care of ourselves accordingly. Even if we feel healthy, our bodies could be exactly like that bright, juicy orange that spoiled overtime. Remember, toxicity and bacterial infections don’t appear overnight. They are a result of a gradual build-up. And while we may not be able to control the environment, we can be proactive in caring for our health. Luckily, detoxification is one of the best non-invasive ways to do this. LifeWorks Wellness Center has helped a multitude of patients suffering from environmental toxicity return to normal through the means of detox. If you’re encountering chronic sickness, periodic flu-like symptoms or are interested in learning more about our detoxification treatments, please call to schedule an appointment at 727-466-6789.