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Pyrrole Disorder (Pyroluria) Explained

Pyrrole disorder (pyroluria) explained - stressed woman getting angry
  • Do you find your mood constantly fluctuates without an apparent reason?
  • Do you often fail under pressure or lose coherence while handling stressful situations?
  • Are you tired of repeatedly seeing psychologists, therapists and doctors regarding these issues but none of them can come up with an accurate diagnosis?

If so, we recommend that you receive a Kryptopyrrole (KP) Test. This is a quantitative test that measures the amount of HPL molecules in the body. If there is a significant amount, this normally will diagnose a patient with Pyrrole Disorder.

What is Pyrrole Disorder?

Pyrrole is a “byproduct of hemoglobin synthesis”¹ which has no apparent role within the body, however they have an affinity for zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Usually, pyrroles are excreted in the urine, and when this happens, the body becomes depleted of these minerals and suffers a functional deficiency. This causes an abnormality in biochemistry that, if imbalanced, can cause constant emotional and behavioral changes in an individual. People who suffer with Pyrrole Disorder are unable to handle stressful situations properly, easily become angry or frustrated, are quick to put blame on others, become defensive and/or argumentative, and easily become hostile and/or violent in extreme cases.

For those who have been actively seeing a psychologist for a diagnosis, you’ve most likely been diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, numerous learning disorders, depression, autism or schizophrenia. That’s because pyrrole is commonly confused with other mental disorders or tied in with other mental disorders depending on the symptoms that the patient is facing.

How to Know You Have It

Pyrrole Disorder can sometimes be difficult to detect since it is often confused with other health conditions. However, if you wish to determine if you have Pyrrole Disorder, there are a few common symptoms that you’ll need to watch out for. People who suffer with Pyrrole Disorder often:

  • Avoid stressful situations
  • Are prone to acne, eczema, or other skin issues
  • Sunburn easily
  • Get sick frequently
  • Have difficulty recalling information
  • Have memory loss or poor short-term memory
  • Have morning sickness or nausea
  • Are sensitive to bright lights
  • Suffer from frequent mood swings

Is There a Way to Receive a Diagnosis?

Short answer: yes! As stated previously, the easiest way to receive an accurate diagnosis of this condition is to receive a KP Test. The test will measure the amount of pyrroles that escape from your urine and the results will be presented within the following ranges²:

Optimal Range (<10mcg/dl)
Borderline Pyroluria (10-20mcg/dl)
Pyroluria (20mcg/dl<)

The official diagnosis will help practitioners come up with the right treatment plan for the patient. At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we provide the Kryptopyrrole Test for patients who may have any of the above symptoms, and results from this test will give a better idea of the nutrients that they may be lacking in their system. Patients will be asked to provide a urine sample and the test will be submitted to the lab for results.

Are There Treatment Options?

The good news is that pyrrole is pretty simple to treat. Because your body is lacking zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, all you would need is the correct supplements to replenish the minerals that are lost. Depending on the diagnosis of the patient, these can be supported by natural supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or Manganese. The treatment plan will be based on the test results, so it’s best to make an appointment to see a practitioner who can order the Kryptopyrrole test. The best part is that the supplements won’t add chemicals to your neurotransmitters unlike other pharmaceutical medications that are prescribed for ADHD, Bipolar, Autistic, Depression, or schizophrenic patients.

If You Feel You Have Pyrrole Disorder…

Please contact LifeWorks Wellness Center at 727-466-6789 to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners. We can order the Kryptopyrrole Test to give you a better understanding of your condition if psychologists can’t seem to help!


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