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Take Control of Your Health

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How are you feeling?  On a scale of one to ten how would you rate how you feel, with one being bad and ten being great?  Now be honest with yourself.  If you don’t rate yourself with a nine or a ten, then now is the time to take control of your health and fix that.

There are three important aspects that you must look at to take control of your health.

  1. What is your current scene?
  2. What is your ideal scene?
  3. How do I get there?

What is Your Current Scene?

Make a list of anything that you are concerned about or symptoms that you’ve tried to ignore.  Do you need 4 cups of coffee to get through the day?  Have you started to notice joint pain where you never had it before?  Do you bloat after eating?  Are you having trouble sleeping?  These are all important and should be added to your list.  There is nothing too big or too small.

What is Your Ideal Scene?

On this list, write down what your health goals are.   Wouldn’t it be great to not bloat every time you eat?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a good, restful nights sleep and feel refreshed in the morning?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to not feel tired all the time and have to rely on caffeine for a pick me up?  Every person will have different goals, so make sure these are what are important to you.

How Do I Get There?

This is the most important section.  You need to find out what the underlying cause is to everything you’ve listed in your current scene.  Do you have an infection like Lyme disease, that is causing you joint pain and fatigue?  Do you have environmental toxins and are deficient in vitamins and minerals?  This is where LifeWorks comes in.  We will conduct a thorough examination and order labs that will answer all these questions.  Then we can put a plan together to get your body back to tip top shape.  This can include a program of supplements, exercise, diet and sleep.  We don’t cover up your symptoms with prescription medication.  We find the root cause of any condition and fix it naturally.

Isn’t it time that you took control of your health?  Today’s the day!  Call (727) 466-6789 to schedule an appointment.  Click here to learn about all the health conditions that we treat at LifeWorks Wellness Center.