General Medicine Testimonials

My Life Significantly Improved*

A LifeWorks Patient success story after Paleo diet and numerous other therapies

Picture Left: Pre-Paleo. I had a personal trainer I was paying top dollar for. I worked out routinely. I was eating “clean” and juicing raw. Buying boxes of organic produce. Couldn’t lose weight or size.

Picture Right: Paleo for about a year plus I turned over my health protocol to LifeWorks Wellness Center. The weight came off. My chronic inflammation and pain improved. My dental health improved. My life significantly improved. This photo is taken about 7 months after Home Health told me I needed to go ahead and get my wheelchair ordered and doctors told me I’d take “forever to heal” from a blistering Lyme tumor that opened my back leg up.

Thank you LifeWorks Wellness Center!