General Medicine Testimonials

Constantly Burping.*

Young woman suffering from constant burping. We treat it naturally at LifeWorks

I came to Jennifer Baer in May not only for a checkup but also to see if she could take care of a burping problem that I was having. For the last 16 or 17 months prior to my appointment with Jennifer, I had been constantly burping. That’s right – burping all of the time except when I was sleeping or eating. I had been to see my PCP numerous times and had blood work done, adhered to the fodmap diet for 8 weeks, eliminated all supplements and medications, etc. Nothing worked. The burping continued.

As of one week before seeing Jennifer, my PCP’s latest thought was that my problem was stress. He was in the process of setting up an appointment for me with a mental health professional! During my session with Jennifer, she muscle tested me and found that I responded positively to a bacterium. She gave me a supplement and after taking it for 8 days, the burping stopped completely. If I had not seen Jennifer, I would be sitting in front of a mental health professional still burping! Thank you, Jennifer, for relieving me of this awful problem.         

Debbie. C.