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Elizabeth’s Patient Success Story*

Elizabeth's autoimmune disease treatment success story


With a thorough analysis of my lab results and my dark field microscopy which revealed stacked, misshapen red blood cells, and parasites.

The whole staff at LifeWorks, from Shae and Leanna with their welcoming ways to the lovely and skillful IV ladies who treated me, Holly and Wanda; kind Amelia, insightful Jennifer, joyful and competent Savannah, Neionie and Jessica. And finally Dr. Minkoff who wisely attacks one problem at a time, has helped me to have healthy red blood cells, get rid of my heavy metals, get rid of my autoimmune disease (amazing Lisa!), have a pain free hip, and a much improved diet without headaches from low blood sugar.

Also, Tamora and Mary Pat are always working behind the scenes with a smile.

The staff here works well together to create a competent and compassionate place of healing.

Elizabeth. K.