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Helped Me Through My Medical Emergency*

Medical health testimonial

Dear Dr. Minkoff,

I want to thank you and your entire staff for helping me through my medical emergency last week.
On Wednesday, February 26th, I arrived at your office for my regular Lyme treatments, but not feeling very well. I wasn’t up to doing the HOCATT that day, and Carlabeth promptly sought me out to see how I was doing. I did take my normal IV treatment. When that was done, I was feeling very shaky and weak, but I proceeded to the “yellow house” for my AET session. Aryon promptly recognized that I was very ill, and she asked for wheelchair assistance to take me back to your office for evaluation. Samantha brought me a wheelchair in the pouring rain and transported me back to the office. There Karima, Angel and Alain took action to get me stabilized and warmed up, applying hot compresses and blankets, administering oxygen and monitoring my blood pressure and fever temperature. They advised my wife to take me to the closest E.R. as soon as possible. Karima helped to get me into the car while getting drenched in the pouring rain. I was admitted into Morton Plant Hospital where I spent three days as they administered antibiotics and tried to identify the source of my infection.

Thanks to the compassion, quick action and advice of your staff, I got the medical attention I needed before it became a life-threatening situation.

LifeWorks has a top-notch group of professionals and I truly appreciate everything they did for me in my time of crisis. Thank you!


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