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Long Covid Treatment Testimonial

Long covid treatment at lifeworks worked for jeff.

I arrived in Clearwater after not getting traditional medical involvement or results.

Essentially, between my Primary Care, GI and Liver Doctors, their advice was take monthly blood tests, stay away from salt, get Paracentesis as needed and ‘see you in 2 months’.

There was no ‘Get Well’ plan or Quarterbacking Doctor support.

LifeWorks Long Covid Treatment Plan

I arrived at LifeWorks Wellness Center on the first week of April 2023.

I’ll list my symptoms by Long Covid and ‘Other’.

For information, I got Delta Covid in November 2021.

Long Covid symptoms have lasted for 3 years and the Others for many other years.

These are my symptom during that week of arrival.

Long Covid Symptoms (?):

  • Extreme Fatigue (could sleep 24/7)
  • No Taste
  • No Smell
  • Mental Fog (lost train of through 20+ per Day)
  • Dizziness
  • No Temperature Regulation (Freezing all the Time)
  • Poor Night Vision
  • Chronic Cough (50+ times per day)
  • Ringing or Low Hum in Ears
  • Can’t Sweat

Other Symptoms:

  • Extreme Weight Loss from 195 lbs to 125 lbs
  • Constipation
  • Medium to High Blood Pressure
  • Low Thyroid
  • Anemia
  • Lyme Disease
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Extreme Nausea
  • Glyphosate Poisoning
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Hormones, RBC, Sugars and Salts not normal Ranges

Long Covid Treatment Results

While I cannot speak for others, I can log my anecdotal findings.

Within 3 days of treatment through April 10, all Covid symptoms resolved except for smell and taste which are around 50% successful.

This is HUGE after 3 years of suffering.

The Other symptoms are still being worked through diet (Paleo), procedure treatments and supplements.

My biggest complaint with these is that these symptoms are blood and hormone imbalances and seem to take longer to resolve.

My Blood Pressure is no longer on the high side.

I weigh around 145 lbs now and the ascites and cramps are my biggest complaints.

The current plan is to return to Clearwater in around 90 days for Dental Cavitation cleaning and filling.

Rockstar Callouts: Dr Iyer, Dielle, Bree, Leanna, Alicia and Alyssa for outstanding Customer Service and Support.

Thanks again,

Jeff G