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Dr minkoff receives a big thank you from a patient who has recovered from a chronic disease

Dear Dr. Minkoff,

I have always been a bit of a systems thinker, so when you commented that our daughter, Dawn was a star it stirred a typical process in my mind. We strongly agree that Dawn is a star. However, the energy and focus needed to do what she is doing would not exist had she not discovered this practice many years ago when she was knee-deep in exhaustion.

Your analysis, treatment and solutions were highly instrumental in bringing health and vigor back into her existence. That means you are a star in the same galaxy as Dawn! We appreciate what you have done for so many of our loved ones and now the sense you have made of our own health issues. Ken and I continue to improve daily.

I had slowly forgotten what it was like to feel good until you and the other dedicated folks at LifeWorks walked me back to better energy, focus and a calmness that I had not experienced for years. Ken has also begun to steep himself in a better understanding of natural health solutions and how they improve our lives. He has told so many friends, colleagues and even his dentist about what he learned from our visit with you. We are both eager to see the test results of our last chelation treatments.

Donna. P.