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Heart Issues*

Heart issues can be treated naturally at lifeworks

I used to have frequent heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat that continued non-stop for hours and even days. It scared me terribly. No cardiologist was able to do anything about it. Beta blockers were proposed, but I didn’t want those as they have bad side-effects.

After 35 EECP treatments, these conditions are 90% gone. They are less frequent and less severe, and only last for seconds or minutes. This is a huge improvement for me.

I also feel generally stronger and my memory has even improved a bit. Since both my parents died in heart attacks, this was also a preventive treatment for me.

Thank you Dr. Minkoff. And thank you so much to Mary Pat, the EECP technician. She was the loveliest, kindest, most gracious technician and person one could possibly ask for. Absolutely perfect for the job.

Rebecca. WS.