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Human: Beware!!

Human: Beware!!

I want to say first and foremost, this is not an article to bash any human being on Earth. This article is to make you, the consumer, aware of some of the important governmental changes that have occurred in our Nation. With the toxic world we live in, we must stay ahead of the contaminants with active ways to keep our bodies pure, such as saunas, vitamins and supplements, exercise and good diet to name a few. This article is about some chemical bans that have been lifted, regulations that have changed and an assortment of these things that silently occur on a governmental level and what we, as well as our loved ones, need to be aware of.

To begin with, let’s discuss reversal of chemicals that were formerly banned.  In comes Chlorpyrifos. A mouthful to say, but I dare say, hopefully not eating a mouthful! Especially your children or grandchildren. This insecticide is used on food crops and was found to harm children’s brain and nervous system, even at small doses. EPA scientists performed numerous studies of this chemical and warned that it would indeed cause brain and nervous system damage, but it fell on deaf ears.  In 2015, the EPA proposed to nullify use of Chlorpyrifos on food, however the main lobbying group for the pesticide industry, CropLife America, argued with the EPA to drop the ban. The main argument was to disregard all of the studies that were done. I want to make sure you are aware of where these studies were done and see if you recognize the names. Columbia University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, University of California and Berkeley. You can decide for yourself if these are noteworthy studies or not!

Another chemical whereby the ban has been lifted is a chemical known as methylene chloride. This chemical is found in paint thinners and is responsible for at least 50 deaths over the last several decades. The bans on this chemical are delayed….indefinitely.

On December 17, 2017, the EPA released a statement saying that glyphosate, a well-known pesticide used in the U. S., is not likely to be carcinogenic (1). As most holistic health care providers know, the evidence that this pesticide does wreak havoc on the body is true. LifeWorks actually has a test where we can measure the load in the body of glyphosate as well as other insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and many are elevated.

If you keep up with what I write, a few months ago I wrote about water. Well, just this week, Environmental Working Group (EWG), has released another report on radiation in the drinking water. EWG has a national tap water database, and they are able to pinpoint issues with water (2). They found that “radioactive elements were found in 170 million Americans drinking water (3). This is a carcinogenic substance and the winner of the nations most contaminated water: Houston!! Yep, Houston, TX. The state where the nominee for the head of the White House environmental division was the head of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, who was found to falsify the water data in Texas! (4).

One can see that I have a passion for keeping not only the Earth clean, but our bodies as well. This article is a mild expression of a tap on the shoulder to be vigilant in one’s own health. One way to do this, is to visit LifeWorks Wellness Center and have the cutting edge testing and treatments we offer.

Stay tuned for further news and see your health care provider at LifeWorks for further evaluation and treatment today!!

To your health,

Jennifer Baer


(1) Enviromental Defense Fund, December 18, 2017.  “EPA releases Draft Risk Assessments for Glyphosate.”

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Optimum Health Report #342
Optimum Health Report #343

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