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Optimum Health Report #325

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Best Answer for Cancer Annual Meeting

Dr M

Greetings all!

I just came back from the annual meeting of the Best Answer for Cancer meeting in San Diego. I was a presenter there.

While there USA Today's headlines were:

Cancer treatment hype gives false hope to many patients

This is true. Cancer care today is full of false hope.

We treat cancer every day. We do offer realistic hope that we can help your immune system become stronger to actually give you a chance to get better. We don't devastate it with toxic chemicals.

Read on from USA Today

If you or a family member has cancer please see us for a second (or first) opinion before you do anything else.

We are here to help.

Have a great week.

Dr. David I Minkoff, M.D.


My LifeWorks Success Story

“Having come to Lifeworks in Dec. 2016, I discovered I have been living with Lyme disease for over 10 years! Previously, I battled low immunity, horrible gut – digestive problems, migraines, brain fog, and terrible hormone issues. Being a “holistic” person, I maintained myself for years with herbs, homeopathics and various treatments elsewhere to heal the symptoms, but never getting to the root cause! Not to mention 1000.00’s of dollars I spent. 

Dr. Minkoff had me do some tests and with the results he had me begin ozone IV therapies as well as HOCATT – coming 2x a week, for 3 ½ months. I am grateful to Dr. Minkoff because I am now totally free from Lyme disease! I feel great, have none of the previous symptoms and am filled with joy and excitement for life again! Thank you so much Dr. M.!!”

Jacqueline. G.


Dr. Springer Discusses Leaky Gut and Food Allergies

More About Gastrointestional Disorders


Lyme Disease: The Stealth Disease

By Jennifer Baer, ARNP 


The 1980’s was the start of the epidemic of AIDS. Not much was known about it, people were in upset, not sure how to protect themselves or the best ways to prevent spread and so on. I remember being in a hospital in Westchester County, NY, where, as the nurse, I had to garb up from head to toe to even walk into a HIV positive patient’s room.

Fast forward to 2017. HIV is reasonably under control, people live healthy normal lives, functioning as contributing members to society.

Now, back track to 1970s. Researchers were paying enough attention to notice that a group of children in two neighboring towns in Connecticut who played in the woods a lot in the summer months. These children were being diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis due to joint swelling. After a group of researchers started noting this and interviewing the parents of the children, many recalled being bit by a tick and many had a “rash”, which was further known as the classic “bulls-eye” rash which can occur after a tick bite.

There is much controversy as to how Lyme Disease got started. Some say it was a conspiracy that started on an island, Plum Island, where the government was doing undercover experiments. The theory states that birds flew back and forth from the island to Connecticut, where Lyme disease was first noted, so it is possible the transfer occurred from the birds.

This is all here-say though. No one knows. But, what’s not here-say is in February 2012,  a 5,300 year-old ice mummy which they named “Otzi” was found with the Lyme bacterium. The researchers found evidence of this bacteria which points to the earliest case of Lyme known to man. I hardly doubt we will find earlier than this!!!

So, what is this pervasive bacteria that has been the buzz word of the last 10 years or so. What does this bacteria do, how does one take care of it and the effects on the body?

Lyme Disease or borreliosisis a tick borne disease that is transferred to humans through an infected biting insect. We used to be able to say that it was from a blacklegged deer tick, but now it has been found that any biting insect can transmit the bacteria. This bacteria can infect the body, causing symptoms that range from headaches, fever, neck pain, joint pain, fatigue to MS, ALS, Parkinson’s if left untreated.

A few facts; if you had a Lyme test through your Primary Care Doctor and he says it was negative, it may be a false negative for many reasons, one being that the sprirochetes which are the bacteria that infect the body, are designed to live. They have genetic blueprints that can morph and change into many different codes and in doing so, they are always tricking the immune system and therefore, the immune system cannot figure out how to attack. Another reason is that it has been proven by Dr Eva Sapi, a professor-researcher that the spirochetes produce a biofilm, and it can be immediately upon entering the body, to protect themselves. They live inside this biofilm and once inside, they are pretty much immune to being killed without outside help. The good news, is there is outside help.

The last reason for possibly having a false negative Lyme test is the testing in mainstream medicine for Lyme Disease, is inaccurate. There are many reasons for this. One being that if the spirochetes are hiding, our surveillance system otherwise known as the immune system, doesn’t pick them up and then the system doesn’t produce antibodies to the spirochetes. The test that is used is an antibody test.

So, if the body isn’t producing antibodies, than the test will read false negative.

Do away with the thought that you have never had a tick bite or bulls-eye rash, a classic symptom of Lyme disease. Fewer than 50% ever recall a tick bite and never get the rash.

I hope it doesn’t all seem glum and bleak. The good news is here at LifeWorks, we have safe, effective treatments to restore the body to health. One of the reasons our program works, is because we are treating the whole body. It is a common fallacy out there to believe that if we treat the Lyme Disease, than the person can get better or reasonably better and maybe some function returned to normal.

One advantage of our program is we look at many organs, many systems with essentially every bodily fluid produced, except tears! By getting rid of what’s not supposed to be there, and putting in what needs to be, the body restores itself to harmony and the majority of patients can live a healthy, normal life!!


Lyme Disease Video Testimonial

Watch this short video of patient Rachelle as she talks about living with undiagnosed Lyme disease for 36, years and how she found lasting relief when she came to LifeWorks.



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