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Optimum Health Report #337

drmGreetings all!

Your body is exposed to aluminum every day.

Is this a problem?


Long-term exposure to aluminum can increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease by 60%.

Absorbing any amount of aluminum is harmful.

Aluminum enters your body when you breathe, eat, or drink. But only a fraction is absorbed by your body this way, because your lungs, stomach, and kidneys work together and eliminate over 95% of ingested aluminum.

But aluminum applied to your skin can build up to toxic levels. One of the most common ways this happens is through something most of us do every day.

It happens when you put on antiperspirant.

Aluminum is a major ingredient in most name-brand antiperspirants. And while you may apply only a small amount of antiperspirant to your skin, using it day after day can result in chronic exposure to aluminum. And this can lead to Alzheimer's.

It can also lead to breast cancer. The aluminum goes into the skin, lymph nodes and into the breast.

I came across an interesting study showing that you will retain 40% of aluminum that bypasses your body's natural elimination pathways like the kidneys.

And evidence shows that aluminum stays in the body for 15 days after using an antiperspirant.

It is now clear that long-term exposure to aluminum in the brain can cause not only neurological disorders, but real neurodegenerative damage.

Most commercial antiperspirants contain aluminum. Don't use them. Options for deodorants are

  • Rock crystal salts
  • Natural alternatives made with essential oils

PS. If you have a lot of aluminum, Metal Free can detox it out. For more info, go to

Have a great week.
Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

Lyme Disease Patient Testimonial



This injection technique is mainly used for female disorders but it can also be used to treat men.

Frankenhauser is a type of neural therapy. It focuses on a bundle of nerves in the pelvic region known as the Frankenhauser ganglia. These nerves regulate the function of the sex organs. When they are not functioning correctly it may lead to conditions such as:

  • Endometriosis
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Pelvic pain
  • Low libido
  • Adhesions from surgeries
  • Infertility
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain

The cells in the body are constantly renewing themselves, taking in nutrients and eliminating waste. When the cells are preforming this task efficiently, the person should be problem free. However, sometimes the cells become sluggish and they are unable to eliminate waste properly. This can cause problems in the function of the Frankenhauser ganglia.

How is the Frankenhauser Technique Administered?
If Frankenhauser ganglia dysfunction is diagnosed as being at the root of a patient's problem, the Lifeworks' Practitioner will inject the area with a mixture of:

  • vitamins
  • homeopathic anti-inflammatories
  • procaine
  • saline
  • ozone

This stimulates the cells in the area and helps remove debris.

Could the Frankenhauser Technique help me?
If you are interested in finding out whether the Frankenhauser technique might benefit you, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms, history and determine if this technique is suitable for you.


Patient Testimonial

"The treatment that I hate to love! First, I am claustrophobic so I didn't think I would handle the HOCATT very well. Second, I do not handle heat very well. Thank God for Amelia being the person that runs the HOCATT. She is so kind and gentle, loving and so much more. She made the HOCATT a breeze. So much so that I chose to do 10 more sessions after the first 10 went so smooth. Amelia is the best person to be the HOCATT technician. I love the HOCATT due to Amelia!!"
- Denise. B


Dr. Springer Talks About Auto Immune Disease

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LifeWorks is happy to announce that we are now accepting CareCredit cards. For many people CareCredit can provide an easier way of financing you and your family’s healthcare needs*. For more information go to

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Know Your Water...
Water and Iodine? Is there a connection?

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