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Pesticides, Lyme, Hyperthyroidism & Mold: Optimum Health Report #356

We treat conditions caused by Pesticides, Lyme, Hyperthyroidism & Mold

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Did you know that the pesticide glyphosate (Roundup) can be incorporated into the muscle fibers of the intestine, heart and skeletal muscle causing weakness of muscle contraction? That people can become constipated or have weakening heart function? That glyphosate tears holes in the gut membrane causing you to have leaky gut?

That in the last 5 years of measuring glyphosate levels in the urine of most patients I have never seen one that had none?

That 3/4 of the rainwater samples in the US have detectable glyphosate?

And most importantly that if you only eat certified organic produce and meats you can reduce your chances of being part of this scourge?


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Patient Testimonial

*Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors.

Image of a woman cooking healthy food, recommended by LifeWorks doctors

“Diets, Diets Everywhere – Not a Bite to Eat”

Dr. George Springer will be hosting a Seminar at Nature’s Food Patch

Dr. Springer states, “There are literally thousands of weight-loss programs on the market and many contradict each other.  I will talk about what to eat for weight-loss and look at the link between stress and diet.”

At this seminar Dr. Springer will clear up any confusion on what to eat for weight-loss and you will hear about the schedule and history of the current food pyramid.

Seating is limited, so you will want to get there early.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 15th @ 6.30pm
WHERE: Nature’s Food Patch
1225 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33755

Natures Food Patch

Dr. Springer Talks About Hyperthyroidism


Mold is the term given to different types of fungi which reproduce by forming tiny spores, so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye.  These spores travel through the air until they find a habitat which is moist and then start to grow.

Health Dangers from Mold
The toxins produced by mold can be very harmful and the health dangers are many and varied.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all molds have the potential to cause ill health.  Exposure to mold and how it affects the body differ for each person.  Symptoms depend, in part, on the types of mold present, the extent of exposure, general health and existing sensitivities or allergies.

The most common indoor mold varieties include:

  • ALTERNARIA: Alternaria is a mold that is found in the upper respiratory tract.  It causes allergic responses including itchy eyes, runny nose and coughing.
  • ASPERGILLUS: This variety of mold is most likely to be found in house dust.  Aspergillus produces mycotoxins that can lead to a lung infection.  Warm, damp climates are most susceptible to this type of mold.
  • CLADOSPORIUM: This fungus is regularly found outdoors but has been known to grow on wood and textiles inside homes.  Symptoms are similar to those of hay fever and asthma.
  • PENICILLIUM: Penicillium mold produces symptoms similar to the Alternaria variety.  Penicillium is found on carpet, fabrics, insulation and wallpaper.
  • STACHYBOTRYS: This is more commonly referred to as “black mold”.  This more toxic variety is usually found on paper or wood and causes the most severe symptoms such as serious respiratory issues and bleeding in the lungs.

Click here to learn more about Mold Toxicity.

Diagnosing Mold Toxicity
Most conventional doctors do not look for mold in a patient’s body when they present with any kind of symptom from a runny nose to joint paint to depression.  Sadly, in the U.S., the dangers of mold and the symptoms it produces are largely overlooked.

At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we have considerable experience dealing with the issue of mold toxicity in patients.  Any patient who complains of symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, headaches and more will have a functional evaluation to help establish if mold is present in the body which could be causing a biotoxin illness.  If further proof of mold is required, a urine test may be ordered and often lab markers on bloodwork will indicate the presence of mold too.

Natural Mold Treatment
LifeWorks Wellness Center offers natural solutions to mold toxicity.  The treatment will be specifically tailored to the patient and will involve testing to see which nutritional supplements they will respond best to, so the healing process can begin.  Ozone therapy is also a great antidote to mold and this can be administered in different ways.

LifeWorks Wellness Center is considered by many to be Florida’s top mold toxicity clinic.  We literally have patients who travel from all over the world seeking our all-natural and cutting-edge treatment protocols.

If you believe you are suffering from mold toxicity, give us a call today at (727) 466-6789.  We can help.

LifeWorks Accepts Care Credit
LifeWorks is happy to announce that we are now accepting CareCredit cards. For many people CareCredit can provide an easier way of financing you and your family’s healthcare needs*. For more information go to carecredit.com

*Subject to credit approval.

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