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Gallbladder, Bulletproof Diet, Obesity & Ozone: Optimum Health Report #358

Gallbladder, Bulletproof Diet, Obesity & Ozone: Optimum Health Report #358

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Your state of living is determined by your state of mind. Your state of mind is determined by you. I realized this today as my wife and I are over in Annecy, France. I am 3 weeks out from participating in Ironman Wisconsin. It will be #43 for me. All the men in my family had heart attacks by the time they were 55. Today, partly in an act of defiance and another as an act of pure insouciance I rode up the Col (a mountain pass) Semnoz just outside of Annecy in the French Alps. It was 4500 feet of climbing in 10 miles. Much of it was 8-9% grade and in some places 10%. I climbed for a little over 2 hours. At age 70 you’re not supposed to be able to do this. But why buy into that state of mind?

Even the Bible states it similarly: As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Are your dreams big and bold? Can you muster the state of mind that can take you there? It’s never too early and it’s never too late to defy the mindset of “be like everyone else and do what everyone else does.” There is greatness and genius in every person. I believe we were each created so. To do anything less is an abomination.

So get busy and live, because believe it or not, your life depends on it. Your state of living is determined by your state of mind.

I dare you!

Have a great week,

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder Disease

The gallbladder is an organ located under the liver under the lower right rib cage. It stores bile produced by the liver. Bile aids in the digestion of fat and is released from the gallbladder into the upper small intestine in response to food (especially fats).


It is extraordinary to think that 80% of people with gallstones are walking around without any symptoms. Gallstones are very common, with thousands of people developing them each year. However, only 50% of “sufferers” experience symptoms or complications.

Attempts by the gallbladder to expel the stones can cause severe pain the in the upper abdomen and this pain can radiate into the back, particularly behind the shoulder blades. If a gallstone becomes stuck in the outlet for the gall bladder, the trapped bile may irritate and inflame the gall bladder, which can result in a fever with severe abdominal pain and tenderness under the ribs on the right side.

We have helped a lot of patients with Gallbladder Disease. Call us today! (727) 466-6789.

Patient Testimonial

“I have been very overweight for at least 20 years.  Diet after diet, I always gained back more than I lost.  I was hopelessly addicted to sugar and couldn’t get off it.

Dr. Minkoff put me on the Bulletproof diet. I was skeptical but gave it a try. Honestly, it is AMAZING! The Bulletproof coffee actually gives you more energy and mental focus. And I am not even hungry until lunchtime. I am now OFF sugar for the first time in my life!!! Finally free from the cravings. Plus, I have lost 15lbs already.

My husband is now doing Bulletpoof too. He says he indeed feels more energy and focus. And his weight is down to a level he has not attained in 20 years! We will both eat like this for life. Great program!

Thank you Dr. Minkoff and staff.”
– LaFonda

*Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors.


Ture obesity (defined as a 20% excess of body weight) can cause physical problems.  If your weight restricts movement, then it may be difficult to exercise.

Arthritis may also be intensified by weight. Obesity may be a cause of late-onset diabetes as well as colon cancer and rectum cancer in men. It has also been associated with heart disease and high blood pressure.

Why do people become obese?

The answer lies in a complex interaction between eating styles, genetic inheritance, exercise and your physiological set point. Other factors involved in the complex process of weight gain include food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxicity, a sluggish metabolism, lack of exercise, a diet high in refined and processed foods or insulin imbalance.

We can debug your weight problem at our Clearwater clinic and help you return to your normal weight quickly. For more information, call (727) 466-6789.

Will ozone therapy affect the ejection fraction of the heart?

Click on the video to hear Dr. Springer’s answer.

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