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Mold Toxicity Prevention-Optimum Health Report #380

Mold Toxicity Prevention

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This week another life saved. Read this…

“Dear Dr. Minkoff & all of the staff at LifeWorks:
I wrote the first version of this poem 4 weeks and 2 days into treatment for Lyme (late stage), co-infections and severe mold toxicity on December 22, 2018. At that point, I still had the very real feeling of being on the verge of life and death. After 32 years of fighting an illness no one believed in, I had almost lost all hope. However, as treatment for my illnesses, which, thanks to you, now had names and ways to treat them, I started to notice improvements. As the months went on, I got better and better, and in March of 2019, I knew I was going to make it! My last day of treatment at LifeWorks was on April 23, 2019 – the day before my 42nd birthday – what a GIFT I received this year! Thank you all for being ‘the hands that reached down’ to save me. You all saved my LIFE! Thank you isn’t enough!
– Allie Foos, forever a WARRIOR.
P.S. Lyme is REAL!!”

One of our patients wrote a poem to LifeWorks staff to thank for her recovery

If you are screaming like Allie, and no one is hearing you. Come see us.

We listen and help.

Have a great week,

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

A construction worker removing mold from a wall

Mold Toxicity

Mold is the term given to different types of fungi which reproduce by forming tiny spores, so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Dr. Minkoff talks about Mold Toxicity


“You get a leak in your roof, underneath your sink or in your shower, you are going to grow mold.”

Preventing Mold

The easiest way of preventing mold is by ensuring the building is free of any moisture. This includes:

  • repairing leaks in plumbing or other structures and cleaning up thoroughly afterwards
  • wiping up condensation on windows and in bathrooms
  • Avoid carpet in the bathroom and run an extractor fan when showering
  • checking air ducts
  • removing mats or carpets which may have got damp
  • eliminating standing water in drains
  • keeping indoor humidity levels to between 30%-50% by running fans, air conditioning or dehumidifiers
  • venting appliances which produce moisture such as stoves and clothes dryers
  • use mold inhibitors which can be added to paints
  • clean bathroom with mold-killing products
  • adding insulation can reduce the potential for condensation on cold surfaces (such as windows, piping, roof, or floors)

I came to LifeWorks two months ago to be treated for Lyme, Lyme co-infections and mold toxicity. Already many of my symptoms have dissipated entirely or improved significantly, such as insomnia, feeling like my skin and brain are on fire, vibrating in brain, seizures, muscle spasms, joint pain, decreased stamina (I can exercise now) sinus problems, rage, anxiety, frequent migraines and more.

I am now reading and writing more which I was unable to do before I came to LifeWorks and I am feeling able to begin planning a future, void of the pain and suffering of chronic illness for the first time in years.

I had all but given up hope and vowed never to trustanother doctor with my life again until I met Dr. Minkoff. If you or a loved one are struggling to heal from a complex health issue, I highly suggest seeking treatment at LifeWorks. It may be your missing link, as it is proving to be for me.

Shelley. W.

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*Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors.

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LifeWorks is happy to announce that we are now accepting CareCredit cards. For many people CareCredit can provide an easier way of financing you and your family’s healthcare needs*. For more information go to carecredit.com
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