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10th Annual “Answers for Cancer Summit”

10th Annual “Answers for Cancer Summit”

A Conference That Goes Where No Conference Has Gone Before


Friday May 18 & Saturday May 19 9:00am - 6:00 pm
at the Rosen Centre, Orlando, FL, USA


Confused by all the information and dis-information out there about Medical Cannabis and the Ketogenic Diet and how to use them to treat cancer and chronic disease?

Come to this conference for SCIENCE-BASED, VALIDATED INFORMATION so you can make the BEST choices for your healing! Workshops, Speakers, and Exhibitors!!!

Just some of our Speakers: Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mitch Ghen, Travis Christofferson, Miriam Kalamian, Dr. Allan Frankel, Dr. Dustin Sulak

One Day: Preorder Price (valid until Mar 15) $99 Regular Price (March 15) $149
Both Days: Preorder Price (valid until Mar 15) $129 Regular Price (March 15) $179


Therapies/Programs for Survival & Prevention | 20 Hand-Selected Vendors | Organic Keto Samples! Workshops to help you build your own healing program! Purified Air & Water!!! Not available at most other conferences!!


Optimum Health Report #346
Messing with our Brains: Fluoride

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