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Water and Iodine? Is there a connection?

Writing these articles is one of my favorite things to do. It is another way to inform people of the stealth impacts on the body and the ways and means to fix it. After all, our bodies can be likened to our very own specialized automobiles. Perhaps by habit, genetic tendencies or by some spiritual oversight, the majority of humans tend to wait until our “car”, our own bodies, are in a state of utter disrepair before we bring it in for service.

Many of us have this childhood fantasy that the mainstream physicians will take care of our long term health problems. Forgetting that the physicians of today are trained to dispense the pill to get rid of the symptom. C’mon, let’s awaken to the effects of the pills itself.

If your car has a flat tire, 9 times out of 10 you will get a new tire, not patch it up. Why do we treat our bodies differently? Well, let’s not patch it up. Let’s repair the one we have!

I lectured about 6 months ago on Environmental Toxicities. Ironically, it was the smallest attendance I ever had. Think about it. If our bodies are our number one vehicle in life, what would air and water be to this car!!! Gas, right!

So, this leads me to the topic of this article. (Finally!)

A new British study found that pregnant women’s exposure to a rocket fuel which is a common contaminant of drinking water, is harmful to developing brains of fetuses. It also contaminates millions of Americans. The rocket fuel interferes with T4, a thyroid hormone which is important in fetal brain development.

The chemical is called Perchlorate. In 2001, there was a groundbreaking study which showed that 7 million Californians and many more millions of Americans were exposed to drinking water which contained Perchlorate. This chemical is the explosive in rockets and can be found in some fertilizers.

It has even been found in infant formula and breast milk. The saddest part of all of this, is that it is unregulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

After the study in 2001, the EPA did jump into action and mandated testing between 2001-2003. They found 16.6 million people were exposed to water systems containing perchlorate.  However, they failed to test small water wells.

So, I am sure you are wondering at this point about the reason I have included Iodine in this title?  The Perchlorate will replace the Iodine in the thyroid. It is important to supplement with Iodine.

So, this is just one small piece of the puzzle as to why our bodies degrade over time. I believe that we can no longer take a passive role in health maintenance. We must be active.

LifeWorks Wellness Center has cutting edge tests and treatments to help keep you in optimum health or return you to better health.

The time is now.

To your health.

Jennifer Baer

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