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Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.

Is Your Environment Making You Age? - Optimum Health Report #374

Is Your Environment Making You Age? - Optimum Health Report #374

Greetings All!

Ever heard of the dirty dozen? This is the list of the 12 most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables as tested by the Environmental Working Group.  This is the go to place to find clean foods and body products. You should avoid eating these foods as much as possible and only eat them if they are certified organic.

The herbicides and pesticides found in high quantities in them are toxic and can cause organ dysfunction and even cancer.

Here is the list of EWG’s Dirty Dozen:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Spinach
  3. Nectarines
  4. Apples
  5. Peaches
  6. Pears
  7. Cherries
  8. Grapes
  9. Celery
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Sweet Bell Peppers
  12. Potatoes

So avoid these and eat them only when organic. It will improve both your health and your longevity.

Have a good week,
Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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