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Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.

Inflammation and its Connection to Disease - Optimum Health Report #383

Inflammation and its Connection to Disease - Optimum Health Report #383

Greetings All!

Incredible successes keep rolling in. This one is astounding.

“I came here broken, sick, dying, and full of illness. I couldn't get out of bed for 5 years. I was just about done with this life of misery. And 12 weeks later I am almost myself again. I was very very sick. Full of toxins of every kind. Lyme. Shingles. I was treated terribly by so many doctors that I didn't even want to meet another one… until Dr. Minkoff. He saved my life. His staff is superb. The treatments he has for specific illnesses are so well researched and so effective I felt a difference after 6 weeks. Other people noticed a difference at week 3. I can't believe how much better I feel. I still have some ways to go but to feel like a human being again and to have less pain and suffering and to see how well I feel is a miracle because I didn't think I had much hope of surviving my 53rd birthday. But here I am and glad to be alive. My daughter saw the difference after one month of treatment. Everyone that works here is wonderful. Supportive. And his PA's are top notch. His office manager is amazing. Everyone just wants to see patients get what they need. My life was saved by LifeWorks and Dr Minkoff and his program. And I thank God everyday for the opportunity to go to such an amazing, caring expert who has created a fabulous program for sick people and those who can't get the help they need. If you have been called crazy by doctors you are probably very sick. Go here and he will fix you. He is amazing and diagnosed my Lyme and internal shingles when no one else could figure it out. Thank you Dr. Minkoff for being THAT DOCTOR that figures out all the tough cases. The one that reassures people who have been abused and neglected by the regular medical profession just because they couldn't figure it out. He will figure it out and fix you for good. A real gift from above. All of them there. Absolutely top notch care. And worth every penny.” - CH

Are you ready to be well?

If so, call us and we will help you.

Have a great week,
Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.

Gallbladder, Bulletproof Diet, Obesity & Ozone: Optimum Health Report #358

Gallbladder, Bulletproof Diet, Obesity & Ozone: Optimum Health Report #358

Dear Readers,

Greetings all!

Your state of living is determined by your state of mind. Your state of mind is determined by you. I realized this today as my wife and I are over in Annecy, France. I am 3 weeks out from participating in Ironman Wisconsin. It will be #43 for me. All the men in my family had heart attacks by the time they were 55. Today, partly in an act of defiance and another as an act of pure insouciance I rode up the Col (a mountain pass) Semnoz just outside of Annecy in the French Alps. It was 4500 feet of climbing in 10 miles. Much of it was 8-9% grade and in some places 10%. I climbed for a little over 2 hours. At age 70 you’re not supposed to be able to do this. But why buy into that state of mind?

Even the Bible states it similarly: As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Are your dreams big and bold? Can you muster the state of mind that can take you there? It’s never too early and it’s never too late to defy the mindset of “be like everyone else and do what everyone else does.” There is greatness and genius in every person. I believe we were each created so. To do anything less is an abomination.

So get busy and live, because believe it or not, your life depends on it. Your state of living is determined by your state of mind.

I dare you!

Have a great week,

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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