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Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.

“The basic cause of the artery blocking is actually inflammation.” - Optimum Health Report #373

“The basic cause of the artery blocking is actually inflammation.” - Optimum Health Report #373

Greetings All!

A few months ago, my wife and I were in Tel Aviv for some time off. We went to a new museum that was just opened for our favorite artist. His name is Yaacov Agam. His art is very special and while we were at the museum we got to meet him. He’s in his 90’s and still creating. We had a conversation with him and he said something very profound: “When men communicate with words they can misunderstand each other, end up in disagreements and even war. With art, there is a universal language where the communication can be pure and heart to heart – and leads to no war.”

This week my wife sent me this bit of musical art that immediately made me think of Agam and his quote. This music will make your heart sing. In fact it is created from a group of Israeli handicapped musicians. It is the Israeli entry in the annual song contest for all of Europe called Eurovision. They are amazing and make the idea that there are no barriers to our humanity as one family – no matter our race, color, ability, or handicap.  

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Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.

Optimum Health Report #297 - The Cause of Cancer & Heart Disease plus Patient Success Stories!

In this Edition

  • The Cause of Cancer
  • Alternative Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • Dr. George Springer Discusses the Cause of Heart Disease
  • Prolozone & IV Success Story
  • Patient Success Stories

The Cause of Cancer 

It was Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg, who first identified that cancer cells have an altered metabolism. In 1931, this was a breakthrough and has led to a greater understanding of how cancer may be prevented and how the outcome in cancer patients can be improved. What Warburg discovered is that a long-term lack of oxygen allows for normal healthy cells to turn into cancer cells. How does this occur? Healthy cells function by the respiration of oxygen but when cells are deprived of oxygen they survive on the fermentation of sugar. This means low energy (ATP) levels inside of cells.

A healthy cell has a resting membrane voltage of about 70 millivolts. A cancer cell has a resting membrane potential of only around 30 millivolts. A healthy cell is continuously pulling in potassium and pushing out sodium in order to function properly but when the energy of the cell is diminished it can no longer do this which leads to a build-up of acid in the cell. This excess of acid means that oxygen cannot enter the cell, the cell has to look elsewhere for a source of energy, which it finds in the fermentation of sugar. The metabolism of cancer cells is approximately eight times greater than the metabolism of normal cells, hence the crave sugar so much in their quest to survive.

So, with this in mind, it becomes clear that boosting oxygen supply is essential in order to prevent cancer occurring, or as part of its treatment. Cancer cells are traditionally unpredictable, often appearing to have vanished after treatment, only to resurface later on. One reason for this is that conventional cancer treatments usually fail to address either the underlying cause of cancer or the conditions that cancer cells thrive in – e.g., lack of oxygen.

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