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Optimal Health Report #296 - The Power of IV Therapies, Sleep & More Patient Success Stories

In this Edition

  • Unlocking the Physical Degeneration and Aging Cycle with IV Nutrition
  • The Power of Nutritional IV's
  • Do You Dread Going to Bed?
  • Getting Healthy Again
  • IV Patient Success Story
  • Dr. Springer Discusses the Common Cough

Unlocking the Physical Degeneration and Aging Cycle with IV Nutrition

b2ap3_thumbnail_IV-Nutrition.jpgMore often than not, the degeneration of health begins with poor nutrition. A nutrient is defined as a substance that the body can use for manufacturing energy or building its structure. When needed nutrition is insufficient in the diet, the working machinery of the body structure and metabolism break down.

Since the tissues in the digestive tract turn over the quickest, they often breakdown first if the nutritional building blocks are lacking. The first affected tissues are the internal lining cells of the small intestine that are required to first digest and then actively pick up and transfer the nutrients that arrive there to the blood stream. When nutrition is good, there will be new lining cells every 3 days. If the body doesn’t have the nutrients to make these new cells and the very complex structures on their border, the “old damaged ones” hang around, and they don’t function as well. They might only absorb half of what is present (They’re old! They move slow!). Also, since they have wear and tear damage, they will allow molecules into the body that should not enter. Bacteria, yeast, and partially digested food can come in between cells because the junctions break down. This is what is known as “leaky gut.” Additionally, with lower nutrient levels now being absorbed the enzyme levels in the stomach, small intestine and pancreas will fall. This leads to incomplete digestion and more nutrient deficiency.

And so based on this scenario we age and get sick.

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