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According to the National Institutes of Health, one woman in 8, will be a victim of breast cancer in her lifetime. Here in Tampa Bay we know that our environment, with chemicals and pesticides and hormone-laden meat, are all contributors to this. But also, mammography using ionizing radiation is problematic. We are faced with the dilemma of how best to detect early breast cancer and do it as safely as possible without exposing our patients to risk in the process.

We know that breast cancer survival depends upon its earliest possible detection. Research has shown that if breast cancer is discovered in its earliest stages, the cure rates are excellent.

How we treat breast health issues at LifeWorks

No doubt you have heard of MRIs and mammograms for detecting breast cancer, but let us introduce you to thermography which gives women individualized breast cancer risk assessment and provides the earliest breast cancer detection available.

In fact, breast thermography has the ability to warn women up to 10 years in advance—before any other procedure—that a cancer may be forming, thus allowing for prompt and timely measures to prevent it from occurring. (continues below video)

Dr. David Minkoff discusses how thermography plays an important role in breast health issues in the video below.

When should women be screened?

All women should be screened starting at age 20. Approximately one third of all breast cancers occur in women under the age of 45.

The Thermography offered at our Clearwater clinic provides a detection device that can give a warning signal far in advance of invasive tumor growth. Mammography, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and PET scans are only helpful once the tumor is actually there. But by then it may be too late. Early low-cost, non-invasive screening is the most important thing a woman can do with regard to her breast health. Thermography is the best method to do this. Click here to read more about Thermography.

For an appointment or more information, call our New Patient Scheduler at our Clearwater clinic at (727) 466-6789.

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