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Menstrual Problems

Menstrual symptoms

Most women have experienced some symptoms or discomfort associated with their monthly periods. It may be nothing more serious than feelings of irritation or tiredness a few days before their period which they can easily shrug off. Or it may be much more severe – depression, acute anxiety, food cravings, water retention, abdominal pain, or heavy bleeding which can turn the normal menstrual cycle into a misery – for the women concerned and for their families.

During this phase of the menstrual cycle levels of the sex hormones progesterone and estrogen fall, affecting all parts of the body including the brain, which accounts for the wide variety of symptoms reported by women. Hormonal imbalance is certainly a crucial factor, but poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress undoubtedly aggravate the condition. There is also evidence that “estrogen overload” is something of a modern epidemic caused by a combination of the contraceptive pill, poor diet, and stress.

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